Schizophrenic smiley...

Has anyone noticed that if you highlight the Jewish smiley ;j it turns Chinese?

Why do you call it a schizophrenic smiley, trabi?

I have to admit, thats pretty neat. HOw much time do you have on your hands trabi?

I work from home…

'Cos it has a split personality.

Split personality and schizophrenia are two different disorders. Sorry, just felt the need to point that out.

I know, I know. Also, schizophrenics aren’t able to change their genetic make-up. Lighten up guys, this isn’t General Questions.

Good to know all Chinese people have slanty eyes. :rolleyes:

No wait, we’re lightening up now. So solly.

I realise now that I should have posted this in the “Mundane and Pointless Nits I Must Pick” collumn.

Here is how I should have posted:

Title: Smiley that can alter its physical attributes but has no mental disorders whatsoever.

Post. Did you know that when you highight the Jewish smiley it turns into a slanty-eyed person who may or may not be of oriental extraction.

There. Happy now?

Gawd! Who pissed in everyone’s cereal this morning?

He didn’t use a ethnic slur. He didn’t maliciously display ill will towards sufferers of mental illnesses…

This forum is supposed to be one of the fun ones. We’ve already got the Pit for complaining.

That being said…

As a practising Orthadox Jew of oriental ancestry with some severe chemical imbalances in my brain, I take offense.

Uh, NoClueBoy, you misspelled Orthodox. (I know, I know, it was your other personality that can’t spell.)

No, I can’t spell.

Can’t tie my shoes, either.
But I have fun trying!


We don’t like “Oriental” either. It’s severely outdated.

Kidding! Just yanking your chain. :slight_smile:

Pretty cool!

It does turn in to an ASIAN smilie.


Meh, this whole topic was done before in another thread.
I’d link it but I forget what it was called.