Scholarship thank-you letters.

Well I managed to scrounge up a nice $1500/year scholarship and now I’ve got to write a letter. I already pretty much know what to say, so I really only have one question: should I write it out longhand or is it acceptable to type it? I really like the idea of a the personal touch of a handwritten note (this is to a single individual) but I’ve got, uh, questionable handwriting. I’m sure I could make it mostly legible if I dedicated an hour or so to it.

So Dopers, should I take my time to carefully write it out longhand or should I type it out? Also, if longhand, should I send a card or a just a letter? What would you prefer to receive from a scholarship recipient if you were a donor?

Use software to improve diction, syntax, spelling, penmanship.

If you don’t know how to write, use software.

I typed mine when I wrote one a few years ago. Type it, have about three different people check it for spelling/grammar/etc., and sign it by hand; you should be fine.

Trust me, the kid can write! (I’m her mom, BTW.) But her handwriting is far worse than questionable (sorry, honey).

Send a letter on nice paper, and hand sign it.

Love, Mom

OK, I’m sold on typing with a written signature, then. No worries for apologies, Mom, I know my faults! :smiley:

My handwriting is terrible as well but I’d go slowly, carefully, and send them something hand written. Though I suppose it isn’t really all that big of a deal.


I think it depends who you’re sending it to. Is it a large group, with a group name, or are you sending it to an individual? In the first case, I’d probably just type the letter. In the latter, I’d handwrite it. I had a bursary during my university, and one individual in particular was instrumental in helping me get it. I sent my thank-you’s to him, and often hand-wrote them (though a few times, I know I typed them). I sent him yearly updates, and even a grad photo when I was done. This was from a relatively small group, though, so it was perhaps a special circumstance.

I’ve gotten a few scholarships, and I always hand-wrote a short letter on the inside of a thank-you card (a classy one, not one of the “Shoebox” sarcastic cards). My handwriting is also abysmal, but for something like this, you can make it good (I printed). Typed letters seem far too stuffy if the scholarship is from an individual.