School days, school days, caffiene-induced haze days...

  1. Seven AM isn’t so early when I sleep through it.

  2. Our house principal told us in an assembly today that, and I quote, “If you violate the rules, I will violate you.” What that means, I don’t want to know, but I think I may contact the ACLU.

  3. The freshman seem so horribly confused. If they have a map of the school, and went to orientation, and still can’t find the right gym, they deserve to get sent through (non-existant) I-wing to the gym with the pool. Right? I’m a senior, I can abuse them like that. For a couple days, anyway. It’s good for them.

  4. 2 chapters of history, a 20 minute bio presentation, a ToK essay, Spanish test on the summer reading, math quiz Wednesday on new material. Not bad for a weekend after two days of class.

  5. Being a senior is cool. But weird, because…whoa, I’m a senior? Already? It’s about time for that!

  1. Agreed. :smiley:

  2. If this guy’s speech is anything like how his thought-process, either you haven’t much to worry about or you might just keep an eye on him (no double meaning intended).

  3. Ah, there’s better things to do. Give 'em a helping hand and see how much you stick out (in a good way).

  4. That sounds excessive. I hope this isn’t as strictly graded as, say, the same workload about a month in.

  5. (Nothing to add here; I guess I just agree.)

I must confess I did this aswell. If one of the freshmen asked me where he/she was supposed to go I sometimes sent them the wrong way. I was usually good and helped them out though.

Just wait for the senioritis to kick in… hit’s about mid year. All of a sudden… you feel very lazy. You’ve already applied for colleges and sent your transcripts… the last semester doesn’t really matter, as long as you pass.

I loved that feeling. Hoping it comes at the end of my uni-years.

This is what really scares me. I’ve got my IB exams in the spring. 5 of them. Very hard. The scores may well decide what college I end up going to. :eek:

Senioritis really, really kicks in after Spring Break. I don’t think I’ve ever found it more difficult to motivate myself.

Be prepared to tell yourself that your life depends on those tests to keep you going. That’s what I had to do.

Other than that, enjoy your senior year! :smiley: