School me on the new anti-dysplasia cure for lung cancer.

Initial things suggest some link between some non-regulated GNC-type of shit that seems to reverse/correct a geneome function that regulates cell formations that later turn to cancer.

The ‘Ol Kapowz is a moron, but he is honest. Are all cancers local to the lungs from this specific gene malfunction, I mean, does this mean that lung cancers are addressable to this particular section of the gene, and therefore correctable with this witchesbrew? Would this “evidence” suggest that all lung cancers, no matter if from smokin’, or 9/11 asbestosis and shit, or coal mines or sprayin’ solvents and fiberglass manufacture and shit?

The K-to-the-Z smoked cigs for 20+ years and only smokes a real severe amount of good-quality pot these days, so if he still had a short-term memory he could remember the name of the shit and just go buy it, and roll the dice.

Gimme the Straight.

This what you mean?

Interesting hypothesis. Needs lots of testing. Meanwhile, don’t hold your breath. If you’ve over 20+ pack/years of smoking tobacco under your belt, you’ll remain at high risk for lung cancer.

Gobbling myo-inositol off the shelves of GNC wouldn’t be my first suggestion, given that we lack data on what will really happen.

Yeah. Thanks for the f-in’ headache,

“…washed three times in TBS containing 0.1% Tween 20 and/or 0.1% NP-40. Primary antibody was detected using horseradish…”

If I could spell WTF right now I would.

“5% low-fat milk, and placed in primary antibody diluted into TBS containing 0.1% Tween 20, 2.5% BSA, and 0.02% sodium azide overnight …”

We’re either makin’ “Bloo Cheeze” or makin’ smoking the national pass-time. Word to your mutha.


I exist only to serve…

And, claw through nutronium hulls, of course.


Horseradish peroxidase is a very common lab reagent, because it’s really really good at turning something colorless into something yellow. And milk is good as a blocking reagent when doing antibody incubations. All that extra protein, you know, and you can’t beat the price.