School Reunion question-really kind of dumb....

…but for those of you who attended your own, do you remember when you sent in a check to the person(s) organizing the party - did you make out the check to “class of '80 High School” or did you make out the check to the person herself? I’m supposed to send it in very soon, but it’s unclear, and the only person I can ask who is going is out of town for the week.

Oh, I just got another message from her today - it’s “class of '80” - never mind!

There, see how quick you can get a factual answer on these boards.

Class of '80?!?

You old fart!

  • Shibb
    Class of '80

PS: Our class hasn’t even yet decided where the reunion will be. No requests for checks yet, either. Facebook has, to some degree, facilitated some discussion though.