School Search

This South Carolina High School Principal apparantly decided that marijuana selling was out of control in his school. So the local police were called in. Hallway sealed off, students made to lay down on floor and police’s guns drawn. Dogs were brought in and lockers and backpacks were searched. Nothing found.

Is it just me, or does this seem like a totally inappropriate use of police power? If I were one of the parents I would be outraged if my teen were treated in this manner.

If in fact the principal knew that certain students were selling marijuana and had videotaped them, I could probably be persuaded that this was justified, but after listening to the video, He says, “I have a feeling”. WTF?

Can you imagine if you were in a shopping mall, then the police came in and sealed it off and drew their guns and made everyone lie down, while the dogs searched?


It is beyond inappropriate and whoever was in charge of this operation should be canned. It’s bad enough that we subject students to searches and dogs but there’s no excuse for drawing weapons and making every kiss the floor.


Unless they information that there was a signifigant risk of violent behavior I can’t see the justification.


Can we have a show of hands from those who think that the principal did more damage to those kids on that one day than anyone selling pot could do in four years of high school?

You have only to look at the picture and imagine yourself or your child on the scene.

Man, have things changed since I was in HS!

I don’t know who’s worse here: The principal who initiated the raid, or the cops who agreed to carry it out. As I think about it, if they really thought there might be a gun fight, then they really placed the students at risk.

I doubt there will be much of a debate here…

I can only remember one or two drug searches when I was in school and they were nothing like that. Both times the police brought in their dogs while all the students were in class and sniffed a bunch of lockers. Ultimately this lies on the shoulders of the officers conducting the raid. It wasn’t a search in my opinion if they’re coming in with drawn weapons it is a raid.


Not much of a debate I suppose. As many folks that it took to organize and participate in this heavy handed procedure, I thought there might be someone come in here to explain how this was somehow appropriate. I thought maybe I was just lacking in some perspective.

Is there anyone who can justify something like this? If not, how are we Americans allowing this type of behavior in our schools?

I see two groups at fault. The School Administration, and the Police Department.

What I meant was that if one or two students was identified. Then those particular students may have been subjected being yanked out of class, lockers and backpacks searched. The guns drawn were out of line.

Well, I would be so MF’ing angry that my first inclination would be to get a handgun, go to the principal’s office and make him lie on the ground and beg me not to shoot his ass. (I’m truly not being a jerk here, this would be my anger level and first hearing) But, me going to prison for 10-30 years for making a bureaucrat piss his pants would not be worth it.

After I calmed down (had a few drinks in me, hey marijuana is illegal after all!), I would contact the ACLU, Civil Liberties Union and anybody else that I could find to protest this. Then of course, I would start a meeting with my fellow parents to file a class action lawsuit against the school board and the police department. If my child was intellegent enough and was a junior or senior in high school, I would withdraw him/her, homeschool my kid to pass the GED, and send them on to college.

Marijuana should be legal, but that’s not the point here. If there is a dope problem in the school, the appropriate thing is to bring in a drug sniffing pooch and have a couple of badges walking the hallways. I went to a very safe suburban high school, but we had a school cop on hand for this who did a good job. We had one cop, with about 2000 students and faculty. I even brought a knife to school. The school cop just told me to take it home and not bring it back. T be expelled and put in juvenile hall.

Americans, you are losing your rights.