Schroedinger's Cousin's Cat

You Don’t Know if you’ve Mailed a Cat until you open the box and find out.

That is hilarious. Thank gosh it didn’t ended with a dead cat, simply an absent-minded owner who will clearly be giving Cupcake more treats.

Isn’t this also an applicaiton of the Heisenberg Packing Uncertainty Principle, too?

Was the parcel delivered on foot? I could walk from Falmouth to Worthing in 8 days!

It could have been worse.

How many of Cupcake’s 9 lives remained after that?

Thank god she didn’t pack Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive” CD in there.

Did I detect Imagine Dragon’s decay 6E10 times, or only 5E10? In all the postal confusion I’ve lost count myself. So do ya feel lucky, Cupcake? Well do ya? :smiley:

Google Maps says that a walk would take 81 hours, so 8 days sounds about right, allowing for breaks for meals and sleeping.