Schwarzenegger: Early Success?

I vaguely recall seeing a documentary on Arnold Schwarzenegger a few years ago. If I am remembering correctly, he was extremely financially succesful even before his movie career took off. In fact, I think they said he was worth over a million dollars prior to taking any acting roles.

I have spent the last hour trying to find a site that would confirm this, but have been unable to do so. Is this a false memory of mine? Has anyone else heard of this?

Would appreciate any feedback, and if someone could find a site confirming that I’m not nuts, it would make my day.


I don’t know about before his movie career, but IIRC, he invested his early earnings from bodybuilding and his first movies in real estate among other things, and has done very well. He has had extensive and lucrative real estate holdings and has made quite a killing over the years.

I am looking for a cite.

From this site-

"While his film career took a while to take off, Arnold continued winning those bodybuilding titles. He also made his first million on the side. Forming a bricklaying partnership with fellow bodybuilder Franco Columbu, he financed a series of fitness books and cassettes. These in turn financed the purchase of an apartment block and a consequent succession of lucrative real estate deals. He was driving a Mercedes and living in a flash Los Angeles home before he ever won a decent movie part. And he still found time to earn a degree, by correspondence, from the University of Wisconsin, majoring in International Marketing.

Seems to be the same story on several other sites. His current holdings include real estate, gyms, and restaurants.

You made my day. Thank You. Now I know that I haven’t lost my mind. Well, at least as far as remembering this correctly is concerned.