Sci-fi/fantasy book written prior to 1987

I am trying to find the title/author of a sci-fi book I read about 15 years ago…the setting is in the future after some devastating event has destroyed most people/ technology. There is a male protagonist(maybe the last man alive?) and some females that he procreates with to continue the species. There is some broken down technology, ie. computers involved, and I recall an Icarus-like making of wings that they flew around with to gaurd their valley? This is pretty vague, I know, but does anyone have any idea of an author/title?

Windhaven, maybe? By George R. R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle.

I don’t remember the plot, but when I read your post I could picture the front cover of a book with a drawing of a girl wearing wings. Was several days before the title popped into my head.

I just checked Windhaven, and that’s not it.

How about Earth Abides?

Not Earth Abides unless he’s really screwed up his recollections.

Not that POS Alas, Babylon, either.

Like Ara-Alon, I can’t remember the plot of the book, but the cover had a person with a winged figure behind them - Grimus, by Salman Rushdie?

It’s not Grimus either. We’re just thrashing around at random now, I think. heimarkj, can you give us any more detail? Tell us about the copy you read. Paperback or hardback? What was the cover illustration like? How old was the copy? Do you remember anything about the author? Where specifically was the setting of the book? Was it translated from some other language or was it originally in English? Do you remember any of the characters’ names? Sorry to ask all these questions, but I don’t think we can figure out what book it was without some more detail.

Thanks for the replies…It wasn’t Earth Abides, (read that more recently, and the book I am looking for had more of a fantasy feel to it). Sorry the details are so sketchy…it was a small to medium sized paperback, I believe it was English in origin, was from a small linbrary…probably a more popular rather than obscure author, settting was possibly another planet than earth?, the wings and sex parts are the main details I remember…I will try to think of more…

Well, that cover description matches Heinlein’s The Menace from Earth, but that’s definitely not the book to which the OP is referring.

Does anyone know of any other websites that may be helpful in locating a book with such scant info?? its interesting that two of the people who replied are from MT as I am also…

I had the same problem a couple of years ago and found the answer in a newsgroup, but I don’t recall which one. Something like alt.binary.sciencefiction or some such.

Tell you what. I’ll post your request over at SFF.NET in the SFWA group. Maybe one of the people there knows (or wrote it).

thank you I appreciate the help…