Sci-Fi movie recommendations, please (space)

Preferably space based, sci-fi. But not necessarily.

I especially liked:
The Fifth Element
Star Wars + sequals
Star Trek + sequals

I enjoyed:
Event Horizon
Pitch Black
Alien + sequals
2001 + sequals
Red Planet

Not so much:
Mission to Mars

I’m sure you didn’t like some of the above movies, but as you can see I’m pretty easy to please.


The Last Starfighter

Starship Troopers
The Abyss

The Ice Pirates :stuck_out_tongue:

Battle Beyond the Stars

Cowboy Bebop

I see you liked Pitch Black, have you seen Chronicles of Riddick? I liked it a lot, but then I see where they were coming from. Some people really didn’t like it.

The Flash Gordon movie is high camp, but good.

Enemy Mine is nice.

If you don’t mind animation, I quite liked Titan A.E. - actually fairly clever script.

It seems you like a bit more of the space/fantasy/action type films. You might find that Barbarella is good for a hoot :slight_smile: If you liked Serenity’s western in space you might like Outland too, although its based on a moon and not the depths of space it should still tickle your fancy.

Check out Wikipedia, it has space adventure and science fiction Western film categories.

Dark Star

Every sci-fi fan should own a copy of this.

Thanks for the recommendations so far!

I’ve already enjoyed Stargate, Starship Troopers, and Abyss. I’ll check out the rest.

Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone!

You think I’m kidding, but I’m not…

If you liked Serenity, then get the collected Firefly episodes.

You also might like Farscape, which was also a TV series then a movie. I think the movie stands on its own a little less than Serenity, so you might be advised to watch the series in order first.

For movies followed by a TV series (the opposite way round to Serenity but in the style of Stargate) try Lexx. Especially earlier episodes with the lovely Eva Habermann as Zev Bellringer :wink: