Sci-Fi novel identification help

I suddenly had a flashback to a sci-fi novel I read back when I was a sprout. The first part has various secret-agent shenanigans, conspiracies and whatnot, and then the protagonist is killed. And reborn as an incorporeal moth-like super-being, to whom the concerns of earth are nothing. Maybe by Eric Frank Russell?

Doesn’t sound like Eric FRank Russell. I’m pretty sure I’ve read all his novels, and this rings no bells. Besides, I could see him doing the first part, but not the second.

That said, I have no idea which novel this could be.

Is the moth-like super being an angel?

Are there people with a variety of mental powers? If so…

Are you sure that you aren’t thinking about the Asimov short story Does a Bee Care? (once comicized in issue 4 of the short-lived Starstream magazine in 1976.)

Wasp ?

It could be The Palace of Eternity by Bob Shaw.

Yes, Sentinels from Space! Thanks! I had forgotten all the varied mental powers, but it’s all come flooding back now. :slight_smile:

Anything to help a fellow modeler:D. Funny thing is, I remembered the mental powers thing but had forgotten the ending so it took me a while. Someone else upthread suggested “Wasp” as a possibility but I’d recommend that one too,