Sci-fi stock footage identification

Recently I’ve been watching the Wonder Woman TV show DVDs my wife got me for my birthday. (Lynda Carter is a beautiful, beautiful woman–and her acting improved about a hundred percent between seasons one and two.)

Anyway, in the 3rd season episode,“Time Bomb” the show uses some stock footage I didn’t recognize. Anybody able to identify where these pics came from?

A yellow spacecraft hovers over a moon (?) base

More yellow spaceship

A bubble city

More bubble city

Also, I somehow must’ve slept through the nuclear holocaust the time traveller mentions as having happened in the long-ago year of 2007. You’d think I woulda noticed. :wink:

Space: 1999? With Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, and Barry Morse? ITC TV, 1975–77?

It is not Space: 1999.

I’ve seen dang near every crap sci-fi movie/tv show. I do not recognize those photos.

It may not be Space:1999, but that is definitely the Moon Base Alpha studio model.

ETA: the models and production looks very similar to Space:1999. The same secial effects people may have been used on other productions.

The guys over at Starship Modeler identified the footage; apparently it’s from two Space:1999 episodes.

Space: 1999 - Journey to Where.

The Last Enemy

Right click on an image and then left click on the “Search Google for this image” option:

The yellow ship is called the Satazius and it is from Space 1999.

ETA: Ninja’d. Should have previewed. Oh well.

Now, then, on to more important things… :o

I’d like my crow now please.

I’m certainly not going to make you eat it–look how profound my own ignorance is! :wink: :smiley: