Science Fair Project

Please fill out my survey for my science fair project. It’ll only take 3 minutes but it’ll help me immensly. All you need is computer speakers, high-speed internet and 3 minutes of your time. You’ll be asked to answer some easy math questions while listening to two different types of music ( Mozart and Led Zeppelin).

The address is:

Please also leave some comments/suggestions on the last page. Only serious visitors please.

When you have results, will you let us know?

I can’t hear any music. What’s wrong? Please tell me because I really wanna play. :smiley:

I couldn’t hear the music either.

I heard music on all the pages except the control page and the zeppelin was distracting because I wanted to sing to it.

The SDMB is not a tool for homework purposes, qwertydude. Don’t do this again.