science fiction goo

The past ten years I’ve noticed something that I’ve taken the liberty to christian “science fiction goo”. Science fiction goo makes cameo appearances in block buster movies of science fiction or fantasy nature.

The science fiction goo is typically translucid and reminiscent of thick snot, but at the same time sort of alien. It can be both quite liquid and semi-firm.
Examples of movie scenes featuring science fiction goo:

  1. Independance Day (1996):

Scientists open up an alien head to study its insides.
2. Lord of the rings: Fellowship of the ring (2001):

Birth of Uruk Hai.
3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001):

Harry pulls out wand from troll’s nostril.
There are many more examples of this but these are ones I can come up with from recent memory. Whenever I see the goo on screen, it’s like hearing the Wilhelm scream. It simply stands out.

Though it’s not from the past ten years by a longshot:

Ghostbusters - in the basement of the library. Venkman even says “here’s your mucus.”

I have a Ghostbusters t-shirt that says “I’ve been slimed!”

Am I the only person who saw the thread title and thought it would be about nanotechnology?

So, were you looking for other examples? Opinions on the fundamental truths about the human psyche revealed by goo proliferation? Recipes?

Along the lines of Blake’s response, my first thought was of Ghostbusters II. After all, one of the working titles was Ghostbusters II: River of Slime. Also, they slime the Statue of Liberty, most of the main cast, and entire crowd scenes full of extras.

Slime also got plenty of screen time in the various Alien(s) movies.

It’s my understanding that the stuff is usually glycerin-based, like K-Y Jelly, although I think they went with a sugar-syrup base of some kind for Ghostbusters II because of the sheer amount of the stuff the actors wound up swallowing. You can order pre-mixed slime of your preferred thickness and color from these folks, although they seem a bit pricey.

I’ll leave the psychological study as an exercise for the reader. :smiley:

Anything is of interest in this highly sophisticated topic. Mostly, I was looking for examples of scenes and if anybody else has noticed the phenomenon.

True, true. If I’m not mistake, there was plenty of sci-fi goo in the second installment, what with all the alien eggs.

Also, I just remembered that there is a scene in Hellboy (2004), with some kind of villain suspended from a roof, with lots of sci-fi goo dripping off of him.

“The Blair Witch Project” has slime - the morning after they all get chased out of the tent and through the woods, they come back to find all of Josh’s stuff covered in it.

In that case, it actually was KY, so I’m not sure about whether that “counts” or not.

Half a cup of PVA glue – clear gum works best, but white craft glue will do
Half a teaspoon of borax – a cleaning powder you can buy at the supermarket
Ziplock plastic bag
4 tablespoons water
Food colouring – not too much – just a few drops

Tip glue into ziplock bag. Add food colouring, and squish around until combined. Is it slime yet? (Nope!) Put the borax into a cup and mix with the water – the borax won’t completely dissolve, that is, you might still have some borax crystals at the bottom. Tip the borax solution into the bag of glue, seal carefully, and knead the glue through the bag. The slime should be kneaded thoroughly, then rinsed, before you take it out of the bag and play with it. Remember, borax is poisonous, so don’t eat this slime! The borax forms cross links between the long PVA molecules – like tying knots in a bowl of spaghetti. This changes the way the slime flows.

When I went to Universal Studios they revealed that the green slime they use on Nickelodeon is mostly green colored apple sauce. They probalby add something else to it to make it slimey.

“Help! I’m covered in goo … and I think it’s Presbyterian!”

I grew up during the era of You Can’t Do That On Television! and Double Dare, so I feel qualified to point out that there are TWO archetypal Nickelodeon slimes: translucent shiny slime and matte grainy slime. I would absolutely believe that the matte grainy slime is colored apple sauce. The translucent shiny slime is the glycerin variety. Both can appear in any color, although green and neon pink were favored in the '80s.

Science Fiction goo has a long and noble history, dating back at least to the 1950s. Blob-type movies were big sources:
The Blob
Caltiki the Immortal Monster
X-The Unknown
The H-Men
Angry Red Planet
First Spaceship on Venus
(Nasty mud-like goop)

We also had goo in the Quatermass aliens (The Quatermass Xperiment aka The Creeping Unknown and Quatermass 2 aka Enemy from Space)
There was also the Cave Full o’Fungus (which looked suspiciously like dish detergent blown up into foam) in (dammit – can’t find it right now)
Then we got goop in Kronos when the guy who looked like the Evil Walt Disney threw up stuff that made sparks when it hit metal.

More goopy monsters followed in The Green Slime, the Andromeda Strain, Demon Seed, ** and ** Dark Star**
Then Alien came along and we started getting drooling slime monsters and goop big-time. Plenty of slime in Xtro and Biohazard and lots of other Alien rip-offs. And the 1982 The Thing was awash in goop (which was mostly gelatine, I understand, and got pretty gross after it had been around a day or two.)

Well, that makes sense! I had always imagined cottage cheese and food coloring.

I miss Moose from You Can’t Do That On Television. She always looked good in goo.

Also, and in a not-unrelated vein: giggidy-giggidy-goo!

It might be applesauce, but it doesn’t taste like it. I know, I’ve tasted it! Seriously - in the late 80’s or early 90’s, my family & I went to FL, where Nickelodeon studios is. Lucky me was chosen to taste both the slime & gak (pudding-like stuff, came in different colors) during a tour of the studio.

The slime was sour, and didn’t taste like any identifiable food item. The gak, however, pretty much tasted like pudding.

*ETA: I’m guessing the slime is just made from crappy/sour apples, and that combined with whatever else they added to make it slimy & green is what made it taste bad.

Men in Black was full of goo, especially at the end, when they just shot up the bad guy in his giant mantis form, and Will Smith is sitting there spitting out gobs of it.

Loads of science fiction goo in Men In Black. Loads. From the pure-slime kind, to the kind that floats around like silly string. And in a variety of colors!


“Christen”–to baptise or name something or someone.

What is PVA glue? This sounds similar to my silly putty recipe. Different proportions probably. Is this the snot type goop from Ghostbusters or You Can’t Do That on Television slime?

Other goo not mentioned yet:

Poltergeist - Goopy afterlife substance on tennis ball and daughter
Jurassic Park the goop that the little one spit in Nedry’s face
X-Men - Toad’s goo that he spit in Jean Grey’s face
The Fly - lots of goopy stuff while Goldblum deteriorated
Galaxy Quest - Space launching goo covering
Doctor Who - too numerous to count - ep. World War Three for starters
Austin Powers - “Warm liquid goo phase”