Science Fiction Short Story - Can't Remember the Name

I remember reading a sci fi story, maybe in a collection of Alternate History shorts that I really enjoyed, but for the life of me cannot remember.

It featured a team of scientists that had developed a way to open a window to the past, but they found that things didn’t always happen quite the same way. Once they saw an event with 2 roman soldiers, another time with 3, due to some form of quantum uncertainty.

This built up to a religious scientist finding the sermon on the mount, then using it to tune to the resurrection. He sees the event, and starts making preparations to publish the recordings in scientific journals, but on a later rewatch sees that the body remains in the tomb and the disciples decide among themselves to spread the teachings as if he had been reborn.

Anyone know what this story is?

Well, I’m going to use my one free bump to get this back to the top. Anyone have any ideas, or even stories in a similar vein?

Sounds something like my vague memories of Michael Moorcock’s “Behold the Man”. But a lot of writers have been fascinated by the subject. Maybe Harry Turtledove? (Though his time-travel and alternate-history stories are usually more down-to-earth, if that makes any sense at all.)

ETA: Maybe Robert Silverberg? I’m not helping, am I?

It may have been a collection that Turtledove was the editor of. Turtledove is generally more down to Earth, except when the aliens invade. Which was still an interesting story.

That Moorcock story wasn’t what I was thinking of, but it looks pretty interesting.