Science solves Yeti?

My theory has always been that the Yeti is real, but simply a rare or unknown bear species (or two) these seem to "bear’ that out.

What do my fellow SDMBers think?

Solved or still mystery or all myth and fraud?

If it’s a bear, then it’s not a yeti. Why not postulate that it’s a rare species of squirrel, or insect? What problem, exactly, are you trying to solve? Natives telling stories about a creature? They could do that with no actual creature at all.

Myth and fraud. If you claim you see a 7 foot tall, upright walking creature and bring back casts of 12" human like foot prints and produce bear hair as evidence - it’s fraud.

It’s just not possible that a large mammal of that size could have lived in close proximity to humans for thousands of years and leave no physical remains.

“Yeti” means “rocky place bear”. The native myth is of a ape or bear like animal, so certainly “yeti” could be a bear.

It’s not only natives telling stories, it’s explorers finding footprints, temples having relics and more.

Big animals have to eat. Unless Yeti is squatting in an underground complex heating up TV dinners Yeti has to cover a lot of territory out in the open. Realize, there is not a square foot of land in the lower 48 that is not regularly visited by humans. All of that land out there is $$$ timber, hunting, recreation, growing dope and somebody is keeping an eye on it. There is no Yeti, Yeti’s niche is filled by grizzly and black bear, moose and elk (I saw a mature elk with a full rack a couple weeks ago!), if science considers Yeti at all it is to say the whole idea is stupid.

Are you sure? I worry about such things in the small of the night. Out here in the outback of south Arkansas. I am scary close to where the film ‘Legend of Boggy Creek’ was made. I want to believe, but I am a chicken shit too. So I rarely go out alone in the dark around here.

Yeti is in Tibet. You’re thinking of BigFoot.

Yes, they have ID’s Yeti fur as a species or more of bear.

I agree about the non-existence of the Yeti, but there are still parts of the lower 48 that are pretty remote. I’m sorry I don’t have a better cite, but just for example that old chestnut about getting away with murder by shooting from some part of the US that is technically not part of any state (on the Wyoming-Idaho border maybe?) would be virtually impossible in practice because it’s in trackless mountains and you’d have to lure the victim into a weeks-long backcountry expedition.

There’s an old tale of a dude who hated his brother-in-law. He lived in Texas, the BIL in Arkansas. They met for some reason on the border,(I think it had something to do with moonshine) the man killed his BIL while standing in Arkansas, the BIL was in Texas. The story goes he wasn’t arrested, charged or prosecuted. I don’t know if it is true. Can’t cite it. Don’t really believe it, either. Just thought I would share.

I think the Yeti is as real as the Chupacabra we have here in Texas. LOL

Sooo… You believe in the Yeti but not Bigfoot? Hmmm, interesting.

Since the OP is asking for opinions, let’s move this to IMHO.

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Eleven years old but still pertinent: [POST=7958685]“A silly poll about Bigfoot”[/POST]. Although obviously focused on the North American manifestation of this absurd notion, it is equally applicable to the Asian version.


The Legend of Boggy Creek?

I hope you’re at least a little embarrassed by taking that movie seriously as an adult. Go watch the Mystery Science Theater episode of Boggy Creek 2. It’s one of their best!

Your first link says yeti means “that thing there.”



How is finding an unknown 7 foot tall bear more likely than finding an unknown ape?

I was a young kid when that movie came out. Scared the crap outta me. I know the movie is campy, and stupid. The real story is a local legend, and many people have had incidents. Not me, thank god, I would probably just drop dead. In the rational light of day I am a confirmed skeptic.

The region you’re thinking of is part of a state, specifically Idaho. It’s also part of Yellowstone National Park, and Yellowstone is all part of the judicial district of Wyoming. The catch is that the jury for a criminal trial must be drawn from the state and district where the crime occurred. The only land that’s part of the state of Idaho and the district of Wyoming is that narrow strip of Yellowstone, and so all of the jurors must be from there. But nobody lives there, and so there would be no eligible jurors.

There would be a similar situation for the small portion of the park in Montana, except that that sliver of land is populated (mostly by park employees).

So … the Telegraph thinks it’s important to publish a story about scientists not finding evidence of the Yeti … how droll …

This is pseudo-science … we can never prove Yeti doesn’t exist …

Bear would not surprise me. But I still do suspect we have unknown primates out there as well. Probably not 7’ tall ones but …