Scientific (non-medical) charities?

Working on our life insurance paperwork today, I realized that my third beneficiary (after my wife and daughter, of course!) is left blank. I remember the agent asking me to fix this, but didn’t do so as, well, you know… life. :wink:

Anyway, I’m looking for some “charities” (for want of a better word) that meet the following criteria:

… but not medical-related
Research or exploration based
… “charities” that are forward-looking are more my style than charities that are dealing with current problems
… FYI, my biggest scientific interests are space/astronomy/cosmology related

For example, a reputable group that is, say, looking for ways to mine asteroids would be great.

For all I know, there’s very little out there that meet the above criteria. But I doubt it - and I only need one.

Any suggestions? Favorite groups that meet the above criteria? Other thoughts?

I went to Charity Navigator and searched for “space.” Lots came up, including Carnegie Institution for Science. Has great ratings.

Thanks for the link, araminty!

I’m a scientist. And poor.

Just sayin’…

Planetary Society?


The space sciences, astronomy or physics department of your favorite university?

These folks would be happy to put your life insurance towards the next Mars rover. :smiley:

Thanks, everybody, for your suggestions. I have decided to make the third beneficiary the X-Prize Foundation, specifying that the funds be earmarked for their Exploration division.

Again, thanks to all of you for your suggestions, especially to araminty’s Charity Navigator link.

How about the SETI Institute?


Your local public television station?