Scientific philosophies :p

This is kind of hard to explain, so I will start with an example.’s_law_of_the_minimum (from my recent Dune thread)

Basically, this is a scientific statment which says that “Growth is controlled not by the total of resources available, but by the scarcest resource”

Now, that to me sounds pretty damn Zen. (Apply it to personal growth, and sit back in awe :p)

Does anyone know any other principles or scientific statments that could double as a piece of philosophy or an aphorism?

I’ve always thought Newton’s First Law explains why some people are more successful than others.

That thermodynamics law that states that energy tends to move towards equlibrium and entropy…

…such is life.

:eek: I need to have a *lot *more sex!

“Not only does God throw dice, sometimes He throws them where they cannot be seen.”
-Stephen Hawking

Not only does it sound deep, but it would explain the sock problem.