Scientific proof for "God"?

This 5 minute Youtube video explained God to me in a scientific way that I find very hard to argue against. Since I am no longer a hard-core atheist I am calling on the SDMB to have a really tough discussion to see if this is a God-concept that atheists can get behind. For me, the answer is yes, and the question that (very much) remains is how THIS god interacts with the manifest and emerging universe.

Give us the gist of what the video is about, please.

Please provide a brief explanation of the video. Not everyone has the time or interest to open something that is going to take five minutes to “experience.”

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In your last few threads, you have gone a bit beyond being “no longer a hard-core atheist”, implying very strongly that you ARE, in a very real sense, God, and that you are in communication with whatever amorphous spiritual presence you label as God.

I find it more than a little ironic that you’re now claiming that “scientific proof” exists, when last time, when you were challenged to provide any such proof, you claimed that you were so far beyond such petty concerns that you couldn’t be bothered, and then ran away and stopped responding.

So how about you reply to the questions you got in the last thread before launching off on this one, hmm?

Personally, I feel no need to “get behind” a “god-concept”.

I’m happy.:slight_smile:

If you really want to have an in-depth discussion about God/gods then you should put a bit more time in your OP than a drive by link. Seriously, summarize the thing and lay out what you think it says and why it convinces you of whatever you are convinced of, and then some arguments you want to discuss.

…is about one hour in length.

I think he meant 5(9.45) minutes long…

I’m not watching the whole thing–It’s 59 minutes long, not 5–but skipping around in it, it’s just your standard intelligent design arguments that have been debunked a thousand times.



Sorry, that was the wrong link.

THIS is the correct link! SORRY!

I would love to, but after listening to and looking at that 5 minute video I don’t really feel like I have anything intelligent to add or subtract, so I am basically hoping that more intelligent minds than mine can provide new perspectives, ideas, theories and insights.

This guy is a bona fide scientist and explains it much better than I (a bona fide retard) ever could. I’m mainly hoping to listen to the ensuing discussion so to speak. He basically convinced me and I’m curious as to who will refuse or accept this idea about what God could really be.

If a MODERATOR could replace the link in the OP with the link that I provided later it would be great, that way newcomers won’t have to get all confused about the videos. I haven’t even seen the longer video that the first link points to, it was a Youtube mixup.

(YOutube mixups can be very funny sometimes of course)

Stoneburg, I’ve said this before but you’ve got to bring content.

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