Scientific term for a fungus, parasite, virus, etc. changing behavior and/or physiology of the host?

Was thinking about this today at work after hearing a story on NPR about a fungus that effects cicadas as they emerge and causes changes to the cicada’s reproductive organs and mating behavior in ways that help spread the fungus. Here’s the story on cicadas but I know I’ve heard some wild stories about this happening with parasites in other species.


Obviously only some symptoms cause changes that help spread a disease, but “a change to physiology or behavior” seems to fit the definition.

There doesn’t appear to be a Latiny name.

One paper seems to call it “Parasite-induced trophic facilitation”

Hard to believe there isn’t some clever science novelty song with a mellifluous name like that.

The example I thought of was the zombie ant fungus and wiki on that

calls it

This very recent and gruesome scientific field has been called: Neuro-Parasitology.

Do science fields get their own science style Latin names?

Good find!

Thanks! Helpful.

Another example I was thinking of is rabies. The virus causes the host to become averse to drinking water, which could dilute the virus load in the saliva and… causes the host to become hyper aggressive and bitey, spreading the virus.

“Extended phenotype” is a more generic term than that:

Neuro-Parasitology seems to be the best answer so far.