Scifi Novel: Space Ship, Cat Like Creature

I’m trying to remember the title of a book I read awhile ago and I’m wondering if you guys could help me. I’ve read several books since I read this one, so I’m a little fuzzy on the details.

It takes place in the future aboard a space ship bound to colonize another planet. Something has gone horribly wrong and most of the crew and colonists are killed or disappear.

The MC is male and may have been a scientist. He has dreams where he is looking out a window with either a sister or GF.

There is a scene early on involving the MC and a room full of junk. The gravity “shuts off” and all this stuff starts to float around, at one point he finds a dead body amid the debris. There are “cleaner” creatures (robots? aliens?) that come out and eel/snake like things that attack him.

People write in journals/books to explain how to survive aboard the ship.

The MC follows a creepy little girl around the ship till she is killed.

Lots of scenes involving the gravity turning off/on.

He meets a Tiger that is made of either metal or crystal. The Tiger is female and MAY have at one point been human. The Tiger saves him when they are in pipes taking water to varies areas of the ship.

These are the main spoilerific things I remember:

The MC is a clone who is stuck in a ground hog day loop, getting killed, then “waking up”, rinse and repeat. The sister/GF is a “hive queen” who is pumping out creepy little girls.

Oh shit I know this one!
Hull Zero Three. Creepy book, really cool and atmospheric.

You are amazing! That’s it!:eek:

Ha, from the title I was convinced this was going to be van Vogt’s Black Destroyer/Space Beagle…we don’t usually get ID requests for such recent books.