Scifi story ID request

So, in one of those twists of fate, I can remember the plot of this one scifi story which is about memory, but I can’t remember the title or the author. The plot goes as follows:

Two scientists realize the mammalian brain evolved with a sensory filter/damper, because it couldn’t process all the information it would otherwise take in. However, the human brain has now evolved to the point where it CAN process all the information. The scientists develop a drug that removes the filter in a human brain, and they test it on some guy. Initially his life is fantastic - he is more productive at work, he connects better with people, he becomes a better husband, and so on. But eventually his memory of everything he overhears becomes a burden - he knows everyone’s dirty little secrets, and he begins to go crazy. The two scientists try to give him the antidote, but he resists - his crazy memory has already given him the information he needs to ruin their lives.

I think they eventually physically subdue him and “cure” him, but he might have gotten away, or there may have been some other twist at the end.


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Lest We Remember, Isaac Asimov

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That’s it, thanks!