Scion XB - extra rear light on left side only?

I notice that a lot of Scion XBs have an extra circular white light on the rear bumper, but only on the left side. I think I’ve seen only one that has that light on both sides. What’s the idea behind this asymmetric configuration?

It’s the “reverse” light.

The 2011 models forward don’t have them.

Why is it on just one side? Have other cars done it this way?

I’m sure it was just a design decision so they could try and be different.

I’ve never seen it done with the reverse light before but there have been plenty of cars with asymmetric features, like the Nissan Cube.

Probably based on the thought that one is enough. Reverse lights are rather like headlights (to see where you’re going) for backing up. Using just one makes it more like a fixed spotlight for that purpose. Most likely it’s a stylish affectation, done that way “because we can” (i.e., two not required by law as with other lights).

None that I know of, but I haven’t researched the matter.

I own a 2008 Scion xB and have asked about that before. I was told that it was done that way to “balance” out how the back looks with the exhaust on the right. If there would have been two of the lights in the rear I would have replaced one of them with a backup camera by now.

Considering the dizzying array of options that Scion offers, I’m surprised that’s not among them.