Scotch Whiskey

I’m looking for a good, inexpensive scotch. (Oxymoron?) I’ve found Piper’s for $8.79 a fifth which sounds good to me but how does it taste?
I’ll probably drink it neat or with water or soda.
Any scotch connesseurs out there?

At $10/fifth, I’d be suspicious. It’s probably fine for mixing, but not the sort of thing you’d want to drink neat or even with only a little water.

Connoisseurs of scotch whisky (no ‘e’) tend to prefer single malts, which are the equivalent of single barrel bourbon. But they tend to be pretty pricey ($50/fifth is midrange), and not something you want to jump into blindly. I think Johnny Walker Red is a fine blend to start with, as it won’t break the bank, but it’s actually halfway decent. Famous Grouse and Chivas Regal are other popular brands.

If you can find a bar that has single malts, try some Glenlivet or Glenfiddich, preferably the 12 year-old varietal. Try them neat at least once.

“Good, inexpensive Scotch” isn’t an oxymoron - you don’t have to spend a fortune to get something drinkable. “Scotch whiskey”, however, is. :cool:

The Glenlivet is my all time favorite. But I can’t afford to drink it everyday.

My everyday drink is Clan MacGregor.

Famous Grouse. But for a little bit more you can get Glen Livet, so why bother with the blend? I’d rather stay sober than drink cheap scotch.

In my (Misspent) youth I’ve drank Chevas and fell in love with it. Can’t afford it these days though… :frowning:
Crown Royal also. Maybe if I quit buying groceries…??
Never had the pleasure of Famous Grouse or Glen Livet.
Now let’s see, if I buy a case of Top Ramen for the month…

Not necessarily. There are some good blends out there, too, that will knock the socks off of many single malts. The trick about single malts is that it takes a very refined and controlled process to get a consistent result, whereas with a blend (as with wine) you can mix until you get the flavor and body that you desire, so with a single malt you are essentially paying for the craftsmanship rather than the taste per se. In Irish whiskeys (which have yet to be overtaken by snooty would-be connoisseurs) no specially distinction is generally granted to single malts, and in fact most Irish whiskey is made from a combination of malted and unmalted grains. (Some shrift is granted to pure pot still, but the end result is still blended.) Indeed, some of the highest regarded Irish whiskeys are blends.

As far as blended Scotch whiskys, I picked up a bottle of [url= which I found to be very nice, quite drinkable neat. I haven’t tried their Smokey Peaty One yet.

Ugh! I have to disagree; I’d rather drink J&B or Cutty Sark than Walker Red. Walker Black is tolerable over ice, but I really prefer to start with Macallan 10 and work upward.


Stranger, will you fix the URL? I’m curious. Also, does J&B have anything to John Barr Scotch?

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Myself, I like Glenfiddich

$10 for a fifth isn’t worth the trouble, IMO. You should be able to get a nice bottle of Glenlivet or the Dalmore at your grocery store for under $30. For blends, I know a lot of people go for Dewar’s, but I find it nasty. I’ll drink Chivas if I want a blend (usually something to go in a flask.)

Speyburn is a reasonably-priced single-malt. It’s not as distinctive as some others but I find it quite drinkable. Around here it retails for about $20 a fifth.

I’m a fan of Laphroaig and Lagavulin, but if I had to recommend an inexpensive blend (really inexpensive), I’d go for Teachers.

IMHO, The Dalmore 12 year old is hands down the best single-malt Scotch in the price range. You have to go up significantly in price and age to get a better whisky.

To my great shame, I have not yet. There just has not yet been an occasion justifying it to date. It tasks me…and I shall have it.


I’m glad I’m not the only one. It’s passable with soda, but then, if you need to do that to a whiskey, why drink it at all?


What a coincidence! My girlfriend and I just this evening on a whim got a bottle of Jon Mark And Robbo (The Smooth Sweeter One), which we’d never even heard of before. It was, in two words, utterly delicious. But probably a bit too expensive for the OP’s purposes ($40 is what we paid).