Scott Schoenbeck (yeah, Scott Schoenbeck)

Sorry, couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

(For those who don’t know, I am talking about the bassist for the Promise Ring and Dashboard Confessional.)

Is there anyone else out there who, like me, thinks that Scott has a definitive musical style, especially for modern rock, yet still is not amongst rock’s great bassists?

One thing I think that makes him distinctive yet not all that great is, and IANAMusician, but it sounds like he plays “downbeat”, which sets him apart from other modern rockers. At the last Dashboard concert I recognized something distinctive about the music, and when Carrabba announced Scott as the bassist I recognized what it was I knew. Still, the effect was more a muddying of the music rather than imparting an energy, much like the “Amazing Pudding” effect of the downbeat horns in Pink Floyds faux epic “Atom Heart Mother Suite.”

Still, there are songs in which it works. The driving bass of “Skips a Beat” off Very Emergency would not sound as good with an overly aggressive player. Compare to the song with a similar beat off of Nothing Feels Good, “B is for Bethlehem”, which shares a lot of the happy, twangy bass with the rest of the album. Scott could have improved on that, IMO. (He didnt do the bass on that album)

I hate to bump a zombie but I was going to start a new thread on this; however, this one will do. Since it didn’t even get a single damn reply, Ludovic can at least be grateful that I have done so.

What I am trying to determine is, is this Scott Schoenbeck the same one who played bass in Pele?

I hope if someone starts a thread about me someday, it gets more than one or two replies.

Sorry, Scott Schoenbeck. Wherever you are… whoever you are… we salute you.