Scrabble scoring

If you are luck enough to drop enough tiles that you cover two “triples,” do you count that as 6 times the letter scores or 9 times?

(Yes, I know that that spans 8 spots, and at least one letter has to already be on the board.)

Nine times.

If you’re looking for some high scores in scrabble, you should know these words.

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Don’t forget to add 50 for the bingo!

Nine times says WHO?

Nick - You do get 50 points for a bingo, but you can play a triple-triple without playing a bingo.

Yes, it is tripled and that score is tripled, which means it is effectively x9.

Now then - Play a 15 letter word on three Triple Word Scores and you get 3x3x3, or 27 times your score!

I know my Scrabble, kids… Not much else, unfortunately…

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Not to beat a dead horse, or anything, but who SAYS you get to triple the already tripled score? Can someone quote the rule that governs this, please? :slight_smile:

From Official Scrabble Tournament Rules
found online at

I will concede that Official Tournament Rules occassionally differ from the rules in the game.

That said, the Triple-Triple rule is the same in the rules that come with the game. Direct from the Hasbro site at is the following: