"Scratch an Elephant" song

The New York lottery is currently running a series of tickets with an elephant theme. To promote them they have a radio commercial featuring a song about scratching an elephant. The song is basically a child’s folk song, in a “Puff the Magic Dragon” style, sung by an unidentified group.

Is this an existing song that the NY lottery is using for their campaign or is it a new song they commissioned for the ads?

I don’t know, but now the damn song is in my head again. Gah! I moved out of the state to avoid it!

Elephant ain’t got no fingernails…

…And if they did they’d surely break them
So scratch an elephant
Scratch an elephant
And you might make a friend or two

It’s probably commisioned for the ads (it also appears in their TV spots), based on the line “Scratch an elephant and you might win a million, too.”