Screamin' Jay Hawkins--the legacy

I heard a news blurb on the radio that a search is on for the progeny of ol’ Screamin’ Jay.

There might be over 50 children, according to this blurb.

Well, I’m pretty sure I’m not one of his kids, but I came across a web page for this:

``All of your dreams will come true. All of my dreams came true, but now… I have a bunch of other dreams.’’ – Sonic Youth.

Hee! Ol’Jay sure could put a spell on people!

I’m not one of his children (if I was, maybe I could sing!). This thread reminds me, though…does anyone know where I can get some footage of his live shows? (I mean music, you deves). Perhaps some website or something? I was searching for some footage or other Hawkins paraphenalia online, but didn’t find much.