Screen capture to DVD questions

Hi. I plan on making a non-commercial DVD video (for personal use only) and I have a few questons. I am going to be using a video capture tool to capture things like screen savers and other stuff. I was wondering if it matters what resolution I set my monitor to while I capture? Also, I understand that DVD is 29.97 fps for NTSC, if I double this for the rate of capture will it improve the quality when transfered to DVD? Is there anything else that is imperitive to know?

Don’t know any answers to your questions, but I’d recommending poking around, and/or asking on the forums of this site:

I’m sure someone on those forums can help you out.

You are putting screen captures onto a DVD? Seems weird to me. Do you have a program such as Premiere for making stills into video?

Your monitor settings don’t really make a difference if the window is the same size and you crop the capture down. For maximized applications like a screen saver, you would want to be at 800x600 if you want small things to be visible. NTSC DVD resolution is 720x480, so you will be shrinking the image a lot if you capture at 1280x1024.

Thanks awldune. I am not capturing stills but moving video with snagit to avi. Things like screenssavers and winamp visuals. Then I plan on editing it together and outputting it all to NTSC DVD. Is that clearer? Now I need to know if the setting of my monitor resolution matters when I do the video capture. You seem to indicate that it does and I should use 800x600?
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It might be okay or preferable to capture at a higher resolution and shrink it down. I’m not sure how important the fine details are in what you’re capturing.

I would test a short segment and see how it looks at your regular resolution.