Screen saver burn in on monitor

My screen saver had burned in an image on my monitor. It is faint, but it bugs me. It is a Sony monitor, a 19" HMD-400. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

:mad: I thought modern day monitors didn’t do this.

Very strange, the phoperous shouldn’t burn that way.

How old is your monitor? What screen saver is imprinted?

I’ve seen very old 14" monitors that were burned but never a modern one. Are you sure it’s truely burned and not just needing a degauss?

Let me guess, it’s an LCD flat panel? We recently upgraded our monitors at work and within a month had an image burned onto one monitor. I don’t know what, if anything, can be done to get rid of it. We were able to exchange ours and have since made sure they go into power save mode (blank screen) when not in use.

Her’s a trick that sometimes works:

Make a new screensaver that’s nothing but a neutral gray background image. Leave it on long enough to “burn in” over the existing problem.

Good luck.

You don’t have a screensaver at all.
You are looking at “wallpaper”.

Wallpaper is static, while a screensaver is in constant motion (usually slow but sometimes frantic)

Go to your Settings/Display Properties and select one of the standard screensavers.

And for goodness sake select a patterned wallpaper and change it every now and then.

And move your icons. Don’t settle for the default arrangement.
You can grab all at once by holding the left button down as you drag a box around them. Then move them all toward the right a bit.

If your screen burns in more, it will blur with the new random arrangements, until you can no longer make out the original burn.

I was actually thinking about picking up a LCD in the future. Good idea? Bad idea?

I was getting tired of getting irradiated. :smiley:

Sony may answer questions online, many mfgrs do these days.
Check their website.

It’s not a LCD, just a regular CRT. I bought it new in Dec. 2001. The screen saver is one I found on the Web, it’s a underwater scene with fish and things that move, but a big sea turtle stays stationary in the middele - that is what is burned in. The area surrounding the turtle is dingier that the spot where the turtle is. I thought it was smudges or dirt at first, but then I realized it is the shape of the turtle.

I have set my screen saver to nothing for now. I rarely turn my computer or monitor off, my monitor has had some other issues when I shut it off. I am pretty sure they are driver issues, but I really don’t know if that would have anything to do with the burn in problem - would it? I have an ATI all-in-wonder card and the drivers for it suck.

I tried degaussing, still the same.