Screw the Nigerians! I'm Going to be Getting REAL Money!

This just showed up in my email!

Whoohoo! $800 billion! I’m rich!

How nice is it that I’m going to hijack your thread so soon, but I just wanted to say…

Welcome Back, Tuckerfan!:smiley:

Nigerians are immigrating to U.S now ! :smack:

Unh…you do realize that your “commission” will be only a fraction of the $800 billion, don’t you? You may have to buy cheaper champagne.

Congratulations! Any thoughts on how you’re going to invest your FUNDS OF GREAT MAGNITUDE yet?

That’s somewhere near Guinea-Bissau, right?

I was thinking it was a secured compound somewhere in Idaho.

'Lo, Tuck.:cool:

Eight hundred billion dollars is the amount they announced this morning for the free government money give away to financial institutions. Coincidence? I think not!

See, here’s the beauty of it, I’m going to give them only one of my account numbers, then when the money shows up there, I’m going to transfer all of it to another account of mine so that I’ll get to keep the whole thing! :cool:

<keels over in awe of Tuck’s financial savvy>

Congratulations, dude! Man, I wish it was me. Check this out:

You are so gonna be rich. Woo for you!

They fucked me over so be careful. I only saw $8 billion of it at the end and there was a $500 processing fee.