Screw You Havel

Guess what? The board has acquired a resident Anti-Semite that traverses Gread Debate under the name “Havel.” Here our new European friend extolls to us some of the deeds of the Jews:

“Jews are not better than other people, maybe worse
You have killed, bullied, destroyed Palestinians for over 50 years. You have demolished their homes and made many of the refugees
And this have happend in a country that isn’t yours”

All right, I’m ignoring the aspects of a legit debate here, but to say that Jews are “maybe worse” than other people, and then generalizing with the whole “You have” shtick, is more than enough. So fuck you, Havel.

Feel free to add more insight from this fuckwit should you find it.

I was about to Pit Havel for that exact comment. But, he’s done some brilliant work in other threads, such as are men superior to women?.

Or how about this gem, will Israel be USA’s Nemesis ?, where he states oh-so-confidently:

But my personal favorite happens to be are Bush and America trying to fulfil some biblical prophecies ?. This rant is much like his others, minus coherence. He whines once again about the “Jewish lobby”, talks about how American society is going to shit, rambles incomprehensibly about pollution and overpopulation, then goes back to how “strange” American-Israel ties are.

So who wants to take bets on how long it is till Havel.2002 is banned? Whatever it is, I guarantee he’ll blame his banning on the Jews, or rather, their “lobby”.

What a little shit!

While I’m not fan of Havel’s stupid sentiments, why have him banned just for unpopular opinions? We have fundamentalists here who would say that everything outside of Pentacostalism or the South Baptist denomination is a Satan-ruled cult, but I don’t see anyone calling for them to be banned. As I said, I think Havel’s a fucking moron (or maybe just a 15 year old who’s picked up some unpleasant notions about Jews), but I’d get pissed off if he were banned for just that.


Yeesh. And he’s using the name (which I admit he might share) of one of the 20th century’s most progressive thinkers.

I was wondering how long it would be until he got pitted.

Unu: I don’t know that anyone is necessarily calling for his banning, only making predictions that people who are anti-semites are usually not bright enough to avoid getting themselves banned for some other reason.

Why am I not surprised to see Mr Havel in the pit? Did y’all see his work inthis thread? He spewith,

Utter genius. When in doubt, always look for the least likely explanation that somehow relates to “the jews,” or the “CIA,” or, preferably, both. In other words Havel, you sir, are a fool.

This is my favorite:

C’mon guys, can we all cut him some slack? He had a hangover. :rolleyes:

Hes an asshat. He drops OP’s like a steaming flop, and points at them proudly, like he thinks he just crapped out a Monet. He seems completely clueless about his own inability to substantiate any of his own ponderings, and will ignore you if you address this disparity.
I don’t even think he’s a legitimate anti-semite. At least not in a sense that he dislikes semitic people specifically. He just seems genuinely uninformed, which is more irritating to me. A logical Nazi I can debate, a loon I just get frustrated with. Have is the latter.

btw: On a side note, I think the term anti-semite is over used. Semites are Arabs as well, or so I understand, so if one supports Palestenians, or other Arab Muslims I don’t think one can be a real Anti-Semite.

I have to agree with zen101 about the term “anti-Semite.” Besides, in most cases, like when labeling a loon like Havel.2002, it’s too neat and clean. Perhaps we should try the more direct and accurate “Jew-hater” in such cases?

Though, actually, in Havel’s case, he’s worse (and more) than that. Asshat is probably best. Hmm.

[slight hijack]
zen101, I know you mean well, but it’s a fact of history and language that the term anti-Semite means someone who hates Jews, and only Jews, it really has nothing to do with any other Semitic people, any more than the term homophobia can be applied to people who are scared of things that happen to be the same.

This is not to say that hatred of any group is alright because it doesn’t fit into some specific label, it’s just that often people who try to apply the term ‘Anti-Semite’ to groups other than Jews have an ulterior motive in doing that, generally along the lines of saying “See, Jews are so bad, they’re even anti-Semitic (ha ha ha)”.
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It is worth noting that the only post he made while hung over is also the only non-anti-semitic post he has ever made on this board, to my knowledge.

I like him better, when he’s suffering.

From a hangover, of course. :smiley: :wink:

He’s not being banned for his opinions, but because he’s a returning troll.