Screw you local news network!

So Im watching TV the other night and 20mins prior to the local news comming on a short commercial for said news comes on:

NewsGuy: “A killer on the loose. If you see this man dont even attempt to talk to or apprehend him. He is armed and very dangerous, and has killed already today. We will show you his face at 11.”
WHAT? Are you freakin kidding me? You cant take the 5seconds to show me this mans face, and possibly save my life? What kinda of people use this kinda scare tactics to entice viewers?? Scum doesnt even come close to describing what kind of people would do that.

Then last night…

NewsLady: “A dangerous posion is found in a very common drink. Details at 11.”

Again…WHAT?? You cant take the time to actually tell me what this is? What if I drink it before 11??

I am glad Walter Cronkite is dead, he would weep to see what level our “news” programs have sunk to.

I don’t think Walter Cronkite is dead. Just retired. :stuck_out_tongue:

The first example you gave is poor reporting. If there were indeed an immediate threat the TV station should have provided more information.

The second example you gave is called a tease. They want you to tune in at 11 to find out what poisons you might be drinking. It’s usually exaggerated.

If you like, call the tv station and ask to speak to the news director. Calmly explain your offense at these “teases.” Who knows? It may work.

WHAT are these poisons?? What am I drinking that could be killing me?? You have to tell me!! I’m dying to know!!

What’s that you say? I’m a sheep? Oh…well…I still want to know…Baaaaaaa!!


Gotta agree with the OP on this. Thats just about the most ridiculous over-the-top way to get someone to watch the news I can think of. Even if it works, they’re still a bunch of materialistic jerks who are way more concerned with ratings then actually reporting the news.

Not that it really matters anymore. It’s gotten to the point you can’t tell the 5 o’clock news from Entertainment Weekly anyway. I hate that the lowest common denominator in this country has gotten so freakin low.

I bet the OP is referring to a Fox station. I missed out on seeing an aurora borealis around here because of a fucking Fox News tease. By the time they stopped being coy, it was gone! :mad:

I bet it’s the incredibly hazardous yet frighteningly ubiquitous dihydrogen monoxide!

Seriously though, I hate teasers. The most obnoxious kind are the ones where they ask a question like “Rumors of virgin sacrifice/baby raping/goat felching: Is (insert Hollywood guy here) a dangerous pervert in trouble with the law?” and when they come back from commercial, the answer is unequivocally “No,” as in, some crazy former girlfriend with an axe to grind got arrested for filing a false police report last week, but somehow her weird allegations are now supposed to be actual news. It’s a story reported only so that they can run the tantalizing teaser four or five times. It’s irresponsible journalism.

See what happens when you miss the 6:00 news?

I ranted about this same subject some time ago, and was flamed for “complaining about the news- just change the channel.”

Some of our local newscats spend half of the news program duration hyping stories set for the end of the broadcast, so that a viewer sees all of the commercials. Often they spend more time hyping the story than actually reporting it. Usually, the subject is something of local interst for one small community; not the entire viewing area.

It’s irritating when you are waiting for details of a story that affects you directly, like the weather.

One of our local broadcasters makes a big deal about giving you all the top stories in the first five minutes.

Umm, hello? The reason they’re the top stories is that you’re supposed to cover them first…

No, tho it wouldnt suprise me if they were as bad, it was the local DC area NBC station WRC-TV.

hahaah…well if he saw this he WOULD be dead!! Not sure what I was thinking there…is Hugh Downs dead?

That’s one reason I no longer watch TV news. Give me a good old-fashioned newspaper any day.

Yes, he’s dead. So is Jessica Savitch.

Hmm, you wouldn’t be talking about that monolithic CBS affiliate that has a two hour news show in the middle of the afternoon (that’s redundant as all hell after the first 20 minutes) now would you? :smiley:

No offense, but the reason you missed out on the aurora borealis was because you were silly enough to watch your local news, and a Fox station at that. I trust you have been educated and won’t make the same mistake again.

Local TV news sucks. I’ll stick with print media for that.

Actually, here in Baltimore the local ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates are just as bad when it comes to local news production values. In fact, a year or so ago, the local free alternative weekly newspaper (which leans quite a bit to the left) voted Fox the best local news in the city. That should give you some idea of the standard we’re talking about here.

Such things aren’t exactly common around here. I wouldn’t have missed it if they had just come out and said what it was instead of calling it a “pink cloud” and telling us to wait for details. Fuckers.

Wasn’t that Kent Brockman on a episode of The Simpsons?