Screw you, media! We bought a 2010 Tundra last night!

Yup. Clear the roadways, be wary; there’s another Toyota on the road.

When I read that Toyota was offering 0% financing (for up to 60 months!) and was offering a loyal customer bonus of 2 free years of maintentance if you show proof of already owning a Toyota, we took action. We traded in our beloved 2000 Tundra (with 105,000 miles on it–man, I loved that truck) and brought home our 2010 Tundra CrewMax (with tons of bells and whistles, including the super awesome back up camera) last night. We scored an insane deal on the price; as it was an “unwind,” we got it for about $500 below invoice. (Unwind: in our case, someone bought the truck, drove it halfway home to Santa Barbara, and realized it wasn’t four wheel drive as they wanted, so they drove it back.)

We were going to buy a new truck in about 8-9 months or so, but this deal was so great (thanks, media!) we just had to act now. Can’t wait to hitch up my trailer and take my mare anywhere.

So, screw you, fear-mongering media! I’m driving my 2010 Toyota off into the sunset.

Shouldn’t you be thanking them instead? After all, it was the media’s fear-mongering that drove Toyota to such lengths to make a deal. :smiley:

If I wasn’t still paying for my Prius, I’d take advantage of the current situation and buy a new one.

Not that I have the money to buy a new car, but…I wonder if this deal is available in Canada, and whether my 14 year old rust bucket Tercel makes me one of the most loyal customers ever?

Actually, I had to have a repair done on it a couple of years ago, and as it happens, I brought it to the dealership closest to my job (instead of one closer to home). This happened to be where we purchased the car from about 9 years previous, without ever having returned for service. They had to keep the car overnight, and still gave me a free loaner, since my car had come from them originally. I was quite impressed.

I’d buy another Toyota, and will certainly look into it if/when I have the money to do so!

If I were at all interested in buying a new car, I too would strongly consider a Toyota.
Hey, they found the problem(s) and are fixing it - they have (as you noted) smokin’ deals right now with price and 0% interest - sounds like the best deal in town to me.

Haven’t all car manufacturers had some kind of recall in the past years? Sure, I don’t want to suddenly be going 90 MPH in my driveway into my garage, but I believe the media has blown a lot of this out of proportion. Who knows how many examples of this are from idiots who would have done the same thing in any other car.

In February, there was a tragic accident in a casino in Laughlin, NV where an elderly man went flying into a casino with his car (reports vary from 60 - 100MPH) and killed two people and smashed three rows of slot machines. First reports varied from possible terrorist, to disgruntled gambler/employee, to Toyota - and then they determined this guy has a history of black-outs and that was the reason; he was unconsciousness with his foot on the accelerator as he drove through that entry way and killed those people. Still, they had to throw “Toyota” into the mix in the first reports. (BTW, he was NOT driving a Toyota.)

I just bought a brand new RAV4 Sport less than two weeks ago. They couldn’t have been more helpful or accommodating. I got a great deal plus zero percent financing plus they made everything else easier like helping me donate my trade-in SUV with a trashed transmission to charity.

It was actually a gift to me from my father. He told me I could pick out any car within reason anywhere that I wanted. He is a big Toyota and Lexus fan anyway so I took that into consideration but I was tempted to go for a BMW X5 before I saw another abusive Toyota expose in the news that made me realize I had to do something. Crappy journalism sends me over the edge so I bought a Toyota and told the dealership that I heard all of the rumors and that, ironically, was why I decided to buy theirs. I wrote that on my customer service surveys as well. I don’t care if it is a small child or an international company. I don’t like to see people being picked on unfairly.

Two of my sons recently bought new Toyota Tacoma pickups. One son already had a 2005 Corolla and he kept it, didn’t trade it in. If I could afford it, I’d get a Rav4. A friend has one and loves it. Shagnasty, lucky duck!