Screw You "protestors", Give Me My Right To Hear And Disagree With The Man

It is days like this I wonder what happened to proper debates. When conflicting ideas were debated intelligently. If an idea were wrong or disliked it would be held up to the light where it would be shown to be wrong or at least would not gain any more support.

It seems these days people have decided that the only way to handle a different point of view is to shout it out like spoilt children or worseterrorize the speaker until they can’t speak.

I’m not a fan of Mr. Netanyahu, nor the current Israeli government, however It pisses me off no end when a group of THUGS decide to prevent me from hearing him out and deciding for myself whether I agree with his message or not.

This country (Canada) gives us the right to free speech and that right gives everyone the right to speak out and that right should NEVER be taken by any small group because they disagree with it

So to those citizens who believed they were doing good by denying him from speaking I say FUCK YOU! You are harming the rights of all individuals to be right or wrong!

Extreme leftist protesters share with fundamentalist Christians the belief that their views are the only possible views any rational, moral person can take, and that anyone who disagrees with them is not merely mistaken, but evil and must be silenced.

The Associated Press report makes it sound as if the violent demonstrators may have been more Arabs than leftists.

One reason I mention this is that Arab violence against Jews and Israel-supporters has occurred in a number of European countries and even at San Francisco State University. In many of these cases, the authorities have appeared hesitant to name the group who committed the terrorism or to act vigorously against them.

It may be significant that the Canadian media story quoted in the OP chose to omit mention of the Palestinian flags and the keffiyehs.

Gobear, is that a confession?

Here is a first-person account I found linked on one of the blogs I read daily.

gobear, I agree fully.

(EGADS!) I see december’s point – fear of “provoking a backlash” against Group X is kinda pointless if the perpetrators themselves openly claim to be representative thereof…

…but here and stateside a lot of our less amusing radicals have taken to affecting the stylings of the “Palestinian struggle”. In a picture of the protest at the bottom of the CBC page, you could see the protestors waving BOTH Palestinian flags AND what seems like a red Che Guevara banner.

Amen to the OP. I remember when I was a law student at the University of Texas, Ward Connerly came to speak. He was shouted down during his initial presentation, and heckled into instead doing a Q&A session – with most questions coming from protestors, and being of the “have you stopped beating your wife?” genre.

It was a shameful day for the university, albet thankfully free of the violence described in the OP.

A lot of people – myself included – came because they wanted to hear Mr. Connerly make his case. Those leftists exercising the heckler’s veto prevented them from doing so. Which is Reason #128 why I am a conservative – funny, this sort of thing never happens when, say, Noam Chomsky or Michael Moore come to campus.

From this pic it looks like a little more lefty than middle eastern. But I’m basing that solely on appearances.

Acehole, stipualting that my humaity and selfworth is not up to a vote is not the same thing as silencing one’s opponents. I fully support your right to speak your mind free of suppression, and I also support my right to think of you as unintelligent, and, in this case, doing something that I won’t call by its name, but you know what they call deliberately posting something inflammatory in order to provoke a response.

And that should read “…stipulating that my humanity and self-worth are not up to a vote…” I can spell, but I sure can’t type.

Hey, gobear, you wanna go with me to GMU tonight and heckle Robert Fisk?

Nah, I’m too well-behaved to heckle, but if there’s a Q&A period, I wouldn’t mind putting him on the spot with a few well-choesn queries.

See, challenging a speaker in the proper forum and at the proper time is perfectly acceptable, but violence and suppression are not. A company’s shareholder can ask the CEO why the P/E ratio has dropped like a stone, but he can’t start blowing kazoos and shouting slogans when the CEO tries to speak.

December… hold off on the politics for a moment.

Once again you are out to start your own agenda which I’m sure many are tired of.

For your information The actual article I linked to was a follow up. In it you can link to the article from the previous day in which the protestors are identified as"Pro Palestinian" and some are identified as Palestinian activists so stop trying to paint this as a cover up of violence.

I’ll have you know there were those supporting the speech that were hurling more than just insults at the other group… maybe I’ll say they are neglecting to hide the Pro Israeli violence (You will note I didn’t identify them as just Jews because I can see it wasn’t just one homogeneous group as you would have people believe the protestors were)

Now you’ve made me waste time on that…

My anger here is because once again you have this kind of moronic behaviour in a university where you would think people would be taught proper discourse.

Nah, it’s not worth the effort. He seems to revel in being criticized by capitalist imperial oppressors. Indeed, if he were to be shouted down, his next column would be how Americans are stupid, immoral and don’t want to know the truth according to him.

I’m talking about Robert Fisk there, by the way.

Not december.

kingpengvin – it was gobear, who first brought politics into this. However I will drop the politics. I fully share your anger against those who committed this act.

Sorry, KingPengvin, I was extrapolating from the behavior I’ve seen here in DC. I apologize if I screwed up the debate here. My bad.

Thanks, Neurotik, I was unclear. :slight_smile:

Re: the OP. This sort of leftist ‘censorship by drowning out the debate’ is, ya, pretty disgusting, and unfortunately, it’s not at all new, Horowitz, as wrong as he is on some issues, is dead on when he rails about these tactics, which included: Throwing vegetables at a speaker; using bullhorns; blocking enterances; and burning papers that contained offensive material.

I’m not sure what the proper word to convey my personal level of disgust with this tactic wherever it appears. I hope “Stalinist” will do.

My Mistake December… I normally lurk in your debates but avoid getting into the debates so I guess I had my back up too quickly.

Ace0Spades… I wouldn’t say this behaviour is limited to Leftists. I have seen those on the extreme right practice such behaviour. I have also seen those in between act out in such childish ways
I have personally watched little old ladies in church groups shout down speakers at Pro life rallies and I remeber watching a news item where a lady decided to shout at the Gay Pride parade only to have those at the parade do the same to her.

There are too many people who seem to love the sound of their own voice and oppinions that they won’t allow anyone else to have a voice.

What also brings the bile to the roof of my mouth is when these same people claim they are excersising their right to free speech and fail to see the irony of that.

I think Bullying would best describe the tactic and childish Moron would describe these folks.

By the way Gobear I don’t think there will be much of a debate… I can’t see anyone taking these people’s side regarding their tactics. Just needed to Vent.

Let’s have the standard caveats, folks…

If you’re reading material about this, take note of the source - the group sponsoring the tour is the Izzy Asper Foundation. The Aspers own most of the newspapers in Canada under CanWest Global., nor has Mr. Asper been shy in causing his newspapers and TV stations to adopt highly pro-occupation stances. Even all things being equal, they’ve shown a tendency towards biased coverage of demonstrations in general.

Also, the past behaviour of police at protests at Concordia led me to doubt their account of things from the get-go.

Further, given Concordia’s history of Israeli-Arab tensions, I don’t see how it was anything other than inflammatory to hold the lecture there, especially given the small size of the room and the fact that there were classes being held at the same time. Other world leaders have gotten to speak at Place des Arts, the Molson Centre - even Concordia’s Loyola Campus in NDG has a bigger theatre. I can certainly see how holding the speech at Concordia’s downtown campus could have been considered highly provocative.

Finally, I can confirm that there were a number of groups engaging in protest; I received emails earlier in the week, one from a largeish coalition (including anti-occupation Jews) calling to protest the speech and another one from the small and notorious Black Bloc calling for the speech to be stopped. Having spoken with a source I trust (my dad, who covered the incident for CBC Radio News), I’m satisfied that a majority of the protesters engaged in nothing more violent and censorious than street theatre and slogan-shouting.

However, I agree that those protesters who smashed windows, threw chairs, etc., were well out of line. They had no business attempting to use such means against the speech when there are much less violent and more effective tactics of civil disobedience at their disposal. Furthermore, it is a mother of a tactical blunder - they put the speech and Netanyahu’s mug and words in front of 30 million Canadians rather than 600 Montrealers. If they wanted to marginalize and show up his offensive positions, they could scarcely have chosen a less effective way of doing it.