Screw you, Tescos, you profiteering fucks

OK, so this is a little lame…but…
Two chicken breasts = £2.99

One chicken = £2.79

Now, do we need an anatomy lesson to work out the contradiction here?

Perhaps the labor involved in carving and packaging the individual parts of the chicken is what makes the breasts more expensive then a whole chicken.

Simple solution, my friend.

Buy the whole chicken, cut off the breast meat, cook it up, and you’ve still got food left for tomorrow.

Learn to bone a chicken.


Oh no, has Great Britain been invaded?!? How am I always so far behind the times on these things?

Heh. Consider yourself lucky.

First gay marriage, now this?

The Wall Street Journal ran an article a couple years back that showed how at discount stores in the US (Walmart et. al.), the larger “economy sized” items were often more expensive per capita than the lesser sizes. I ran into this myself the other day at the liquor store where they were trying to charge more for a liter bottle of Jack Daniels Black than for a 750mL sized one. The dastards.

Could be one of two things.

First, the breast is more popular, and more in demand.
Second, it costs the store more to pay someone to cut the breast out rather than packaging the whole chicken itself.

Oh wait. It’s not one of two. Both together are the reason. Convenience isn’t a right. It costs money to have someone else do the work. That’s why it’s so much cheaper (in the US anyway) to get the same grade tobacco in a tin and roll your own smokes than buy a pack of Marlboros.

There are a few possibilities here:

(A) I should be in bed, and I’m so tired I’m missing something blatantly obvious
(B) Neuroman realizes that a liter SHOULD cost more than 750 mL, and is being funny
© Neuroman screwed up
(D) Aliens

More per ml for the liter version, I assume, which is the opposite of how it’s usually done. I had that happen with a particular vitamin supplement at Walmart once - I was going to buy the bottle of 500 until I noticed that it cost more than two bottles of 250 would.

(E) A wizard did it.

My corner liquor store commonly sells beer of my favorite brand for $4.99 a six-pack and $11 a 12-pack. It’s like a tax on people who can’t do math.

Sounds good to me.

You deserve credit for this.

Slippery slope, indeed.

Yeah, sorry, I meant the liter cost more per volume. Although now that you mention aliens, there were some strange flickering lights in the parking lot. My friend said they were just the turn signals of the other cars, but I think he knows all about “them” and is just covering up. I’ll have to get him drunk tonight and see what he lets slip. Quickly - to the tinfoil hatmobile!

I can’t believe that it costs more to carve two breasts (presumably mechanically) and skin them, than to sell the whole chicken. Especially as there’s also two legs, and a whole lot of meat to be turned into McNuggets.

It’s the convenience factor. I buy frozen skinned chicken breasts in bulk because my husband only likes the white meat, and because it’s easier for me to deal with. People are willing to pay more for this convenience, so it continues to be successful for the company to work like this.

Buy the whole chicken and snicker at the rest of us who pay more for less meat.

Tesco know their customers well enough to realise that in the UK, most of them can afford an extra 20p to have all that filleting and skinning done for them.

If they are profiteering it’s because their customers allow them to - most Brits are hardly bargain-hunters at the best of times.

Couple that with the aversion most urban under-35s have to doing much more than fry some meat in a pan with some “Homepride” sauce and serve it with a few pre-processed vegetables and Tesco are just delivering what their customer is happy to buy.

Most of these punters would probably make a mess of trying to bone the chicken anyway, and having eaten the breast part, would likely sling much of the rest of the carcass in the bin - I can’t imagine many people I know making stock with the bones.

For those that can be arsed to make stock, and use the offcuts, they get a slightly better deal. A small reward for people who are willing to put in a bit of effort.

M&S sell chopped carrots FFS. Absolutely massive markup. People have only themselves to blame if they buy it. With luck it brings down prices for the rest of us.

Another issue with the chicken is that many people won’t eat any part other than boneless breast meat. So, although they have all the rest left over, it’s considered lower quality. Stores around here sell skinless, boneless chicken thighs for comparatively bargain prices, just because a lot of people don’t like “dark” meat.