Screwed by Car Lot? Should I bend over again?

Long story short: We bought a car from a buy here pay here lot 2 weeks ago. Within a few minutes of leaving the lot the car started having (major) problems. The lot promised to repair the issues, which were never taken care of. At all.

$1000.00 down payment gone.

Car gets stolen with a $1K deductable.

The lot already had proven they will do nothing to honor their agreement (replacement car or refund), so why exactly should I file an insurance claim and pay more for years to come?

And yes, I did file a police report… I just have not made a insurance claim.

What agreement, exactly? If you paid for the car and signed the papers, unless you also purchased a warranty, I’m not sure why you are entitled to a replacement or refund.

How much do you owe on the car? It would seem that, if you owe more than $1000, filing an insurance claim is a no-brainer.

You bought a car. It turned out to be a POS. It was stolen. You filed a police report. And you’re wondering if you should file an insurance claim??

In for a penny, in for a pound I say. May as well go all the way. Better hope the car isn’t suddenly “found”.

Really, two weeks is not a lot of time for major problems with a used car to be resolved.

Besides, how major could these problems have been? The thieves drove the car away and it wasn’t found down the block within a few minutes (as long as it took for major problems to manifest to you).

I would claim on insurance.

The “Conspiracy Theorist” in me says the car lot stole the car! :smiley: :eek:

What kind of policy do you have? Maybe the “thieves” did you a favor.

No major problems were detected when you had it inspected before you bought it? You did have it inspected…please tell me you had it inspected.

“Buy Here, Pay Here” normally means “as is”, unless the seller agreed to a limited warranty (normally a very short term warranty anyway).

Seems like the only thing you can do is file an insurance claim, which you should have done shortly after you filed a police report.

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If the car was defective or fell apart soon after you bought it, you might want to research your state’s lemon laws.

You owe the remainder of the contract regardless of whether the car is operational or in your possession. File the claim and hopefully you will be able to pay off what you owe on it and walk away.

If you signed to buy the car As Is, and did not purchase a service contract, you probably don’t have any recourse with the dealer. Lemon Laws generally only apply to new car purchases, but in some states may be applied to used cars. Check with your state’s Attorney General.

Those little lots with a dozen or so cars, and the EZ financing signs…don’t but cars there. Just don’t. They typically get the POS cars that no reputable dealership wants to deal with.

In regards to the OP question, “should I bend over again”? If there was foreplay the first time, then yes, bend over again. But without foreplay, it just ain’t worth it.

“If the car was defective or fell apart soon after you bought it.”

Perhaps you missed the part where the OP stated the car was stolen within 2 weeks of purchase. Do you think the thieves put it on a flat bed and towed it away?

For any Lemon law to be invoked, the buyer MUST give the seller a chance to make good, that is to say, to prove that the car is not a lemon.

Two components of this are it must be a major defect (which the OP alleges is the case), and the dealer must be given at minimum three (3) chances to repair or replace.

IOW buyer cannot take car in once, say dealer did nothing, then seek relief under lemon laws.

We should keep in mind - the seller has nothing to do with the stolen car. There is no “lemon” to be returned or repaired. Buyer owes for car, which is why he shoiuld claim insurance, but the seller is off hook, if he ever was on hook.

Was the car stolen or was the car “stolen”?

I assumed it to be the latter.

I would have to think that the OP meant genuinely stolen, because he is griping about not being able to get satisfaction from seller.

You wouldn’t burn the car down by the river if you are not going to report it stolen with an insurance claim and then still have to pay for it.

Hey OP - the dealer is out of it. As of the theft, you have a whole new story. In fact, you want to pretend the car was in great shape - th elast thing you want to do is tell the insurance company it was a piece of crap.

Where was the car stolen? In the dealer’s lot or while it was in your possession?