Scruffy male actors, do you like the look?

I don’t.

Hero with a suit and unshaven vs a real beard look just feels wrong to me. :rolleyes:

I have not shaved or had a hair cut for years but I don’t look scruffy like a 2-3 day unshaven face does IMO. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, I don’t live in one of the 10 biggest cities so I don’t know what is happening with this in such locations but I am not seeing it in real life so far IIRC. :cool:

What or how much real life have you seen and what is your opinion??

A guy at work does it, and he just looks like a doofus, being kind of neither here nor there on shaving vs. having a beard. Mostly he just looks like he constantly needs a shave, or is continuously starting a beard.

Plus, it seems like more work than either; daily shaving is more of a scorched-earth approach- everything comes off and the only parts you have to really worry about accuracy are the sideburns. Beards let you have some latitude on trimming, etc… That perpetually unshaved look seems to require constant trimming, lest you actually grow a real beard.

Nope, not at all.

Well-kept scruffiness on someone who is already appealing? Yes. And some appealing men look even more appealing with some scruff.

And I see it in real life all the time.

The unshaven look doesn’t bother me very much (unless they’re the brothers-gotta-hug-type) but the latest fashion of slim-fitted/ill fitted suits are noticeable, and annoying. They remind me of some still-growing, recent college graduate who has shown up for an interview in a suit they bought a year ago. When the suit actually fit. They can buy a suit that fits, or they can be a slave to fashion. And they can use a shave.

I like it, insofar as I can neglect shaving for a day or three and hide behind the shield of mainstream trendiness. Life hasn’t been this easy since the Miami Vice days.

I don’t like it - I think it looks sloppy. But it’s not for me to complain - I choose not to shave my legs, and I’m sure when I’m in shorts, some folks get upset.

Such is life…

Where have you people been for the last 30 years? This is hardly a new thing.

Why don’t you start a thread about backward baseball caps?

I have been grossly misled about the habits and concerns of bikers.

I’m not a scruffy male actor, but I do enjoy letting my face get scruffy.

Just like anything else, some can pull it off and some can’t. I’ll take a scruffy face over a bushy beard and day, but neither is ideal.

Now those close fitting suits **doorhinge **mentioned are wrong and stoopid. Men in my office don’t often wear jackets but they all have those ridiculous skinny trousers and all day I’ve got the Tigh Pants song stuck in my head.

Norman Reedus, who plays Darryl on The Walking Dead, is making a living being scruffy. My daughter and daughters-in-law get all steamy and swoony when they’re talking about him. And the dirtier, squintier and scruffier he is, the better.

Wow, it’s amazing how much mileages may vary. I’m sure Mr. Reedus is a swell guy but I find him fairly unattractive to start with and the scruff pushes him into downright ugly. Of course I realize he’s being pursued (pursuing?) the undead and all.

I’m scruffy as hell. Since I’ve retired, I’ve gotten lazy on shaving. And my facial stubble varies from day to day, depending on how long I’ve gone without shaving.

Knowing this, I don’t like the scruffy look at actors or other celebrities. Because maintaining ongoing stubble takes a lot of work. It spoils the illusion that somebody like Derek Shepherd or Gregory House is disdaining grooming standards when you realize they have to carefully trim that stubble every day to keep it at the proper length. Ongoing stubble is the equivalent of paying two hundred dollars for a pair of pre-ripped jeans. You’re putting a lot of work into making yourself look like somebody who doesn’t care how they look.

The scruffy / stubbly look while in casual dress is fine. Seeing a guy in a tux or a nice suit with stubble, though – I find this look annoying. If you make that level of effort to dress nicely, a stubbly face just doesn’t seem to fit, in my opinion.

That’s kind of where I was going; the perma-stubble look is kind of silly, in that it cultivates a certain look that’s totally at odds with the reality of its maintenance. Which in my book is kind of like the ultimate in male prissiness.

Best thing I ever did was lose the padlock/goatee, and revert to shaving once per week on Sunday night. Maybe I’m a bit old to sport the look, but the maintenance is easy and I don’t look too weird.

I’m not an actor, but random strangers still tell me I look like that butt-faced actor guy. I don’t take it as a compliment.


I work at a very large law firm. I’m not a lawyer, I’m just a lowly IT guy, so I’m not subject to the suit-and-tie rules, but obviously the lawyers are.

I can’t believe what they (the younger lawyers, anyway) wear. Many, maybe most, of them wear those ridiculous slim-fit suits that look as if they were borrowed from someone much smaller, or maybe the person wearing it really wants to look like PeeWee Herman.

And a lot of them affect that three-day scruff look, which does, as someone said above, look like a lot of work, requiring special grooming tools.

They don’t look like lawyers. They don’t look like they can be taken seriously.

It’s not a good look.

Well, you want everyone to know you’re far above caring about how you look, but also that you can afford $200 (or more) jeans, right? You’ve gotta show that you *could *dress well, if you cared.

Depends on context.

Actors sporting it for a role? Totally OK, it’s actually part of their job.

Some guy on vacation? Sure, why not, the point is to relax.

Someone like a lawyer? Um… it doesn’t look professional to me.

Since the OP was initially asking about actors… if it’s for a role, like Norman Reedus, it’s perfectly OK. If actor is between roles… well, he’s not working so who cares? But showing up in a tux for an award show like that, when you don’t have a role you have to cultivate the look for? Um… not appealing to me. Sorry. It just looks messy. Either shave or grow a beard, make up your damn mind.