Scruffy- scariest movies... ever!

I was going through tapes I had as a kid and I found this movie called Scruffy. It is supposed to be a “childrens movie” but it is the most disturbing movie I have ever seen in my life. It contains: mulitple deaths, alcholism,schizophrenia, prostitution(well, we think there are metaphors for that :wink: ), homelessness, racisism, “day of the week deathcages”, abandonment, fighting, burglerly, drowning, fires, and other horrible things. Here are my favorite quotes from the movie: “… and when she is alone… I WANT TO KNOW!”, “the way he tossed me around, I will be stiff for months!”, “There she is! Do it right, take it easy, and remember to smile!”.

Did I mention it is an animated movie based on a true story of a dog and in the end is just a lesson that we should adopt more dogs? That didn’t seem important at the time… lmao

I remember that! Nancy McKeon (“Jo” from Facts of Life)does the voice of Scruffy.

And there was a collie that carried around a boot as her “puppy” because they’d all died. That made me sad.

It is sad but I find it f*cking histarical! All the dogs in the junkyard have WWWWAAAYYY to many issues. I still don’t get what bar maid would get a starving drunk at the bar no less. I love the fact that there is a “free lunch sign” in the backround…

*starving dog drunk and at the bar no less