I’ve been waiting a long time for this.

I have very fond memories of Johnny LaRue, Count Floyd, Bobby Bittman, and the rest. It’s just the first NBC season (only 9 episodes?), and I hope they eventually release the earlier syndicated seasons, but for now, this will do fine.


What the hell?! If anything needed capital letters, my previous post did.

Ah, well. Finally, though. I’ve wanted copies of these for years. SCTV was a kick.

“Hoooooooo-whee! She blowed up really good!”

Fantastic. SCTV was brilliant and I am looking forward to this. I too can only hope that the rest of the show gets released.

Highly recommended by Harry, the Guy With The Snake On His Face

I preordered mine. Should be here next week…

It’s been years since I have seen any episodes but I still laugh out loud at the thought of Melba the Dancing Queen, Stan and Yosh Shmenge, Tex and Edna Boil’s Organ Emporium, or John Candy as Divine singing “Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me”.

Uzbeck, Uzbeck, Uzbeck !!!

        And don't give them matches.

Cool! That’s going in my Netflix queue. Anyone remember the Dimwits game show? “Do you have a family?” “Yes, a mother and father.” “No, I mean a family of your own?” “Oh, yes, a wife and two sons named Bob.” Everything was so damned clever on that show!

That DVD should be quite pleasant, I must say.