Scum of the Earth aka Mirarsearch

Anyone know how to uninstall the subject demon? Also, to whom can I send my blistering e-mail to tell them what I think of that program?

I’ve no idea how it got onto my system other than that I’m hooked into my school’s local area network.

Odd. The thing’s gone now.

mirarsearch appears to be spyware.

From here.

Can you use Firefox? Or is the computer not yours? I never get any of that adware stuff, but I use Firefox on a Mac. Most sites work just fine; there are only a few that I’ve had trouble with, notably my car and health insurance companys’ sites. Other sites I’ve had a problem with I just emailed the webmaster and asked them to fix it, and they usually will try to do something about it.

Strangely, the same crap popped up on my PC at work yesterday out of nowhere.

Horrible little bugger.