Scumpup...who or what is he/she?

Been a snarky anti-liberal for a while now: seemed to get worse (to the level of annoyance) after Trump, IMO.

Sometimes he posts drunk. Never a good idea, of course.


Isn’t he the guy with the motorcycle?

Or isn’t she the gal with the motorcycle?

Motorcycles are so alien to my existence that if someone mentions motorcycles, I think of them as “that motorcycle person.”

Ignore that. Pre-coffee posting.

Scumpup is a pathetic little man who gets his entertainment from taking potshots at people in the Pit. I seem to recall him talking about retirement, so maybe he just has more time right now to indulge in this toxic little habit. But he’s always been a mean-spirited asshole.

Here’s a sample of his recent jabs against a variety of other posters.

I knew he was an asshat with a penchant for taking potshots at posters who don’t know he exists, but that is an impressive roster of nastiness.

Maybe he’s one of those guys who got dour and whiny after they stopped working? Perhaps a hobby would help?

But what about all the valuable original content that he generates?

No, he’s always been a nasty piece of work who specialized in snark and mean-spirited remarks. You can find posts like that going back years. I assume he is bored now, and has made this his hobby now that he has more time to indulge it.

And that’s just within the past few months.

I assumed that he was either a pup consisting of scum or a pup that subsists on scum.

Either one works.

Based on this thread, I’m just going with his name being four-sevenths accurate.

One assumes that people pick their usernames in order to say something about themselves. So that a user named RagingAsshole usually turns out to be a raging asshole, and Ima Troll a troll. At least we don’t need to come up with an insulting name for him, since he’s done it himself.

Hello, my name is 'luc, and I’m a Scumpup survivor. Right here on my ankle is where he savagely gummed me.

Hi 'luc.

Isn’t he the guy who sometimes implies that he’s a One Percenter, but then if someone mentions that, he gets all bent out of shape?

Back in the day, Hell’s Angels didn’t read, much less type.

The dickwad is at it again, without ever having had the courage to show up in this thread.

This gets closed with no warning? Interesting.

The Dixie Chicks didn’t win hands down? Nor the Roches? Pointer Sisters? The fix was in…