Shup up wiith the "shut up" already

There is a cohort of posters here who have made it there thing to harass another specific poster with “Shut up …” pretty no matter what that poster posts. I think they think it’s funny.

They are being huge assholes but gaping assholes that have shit just fall out is pretty commonplace. This shit though isn’t even mildly amusing. It is below the maturity and humor level of a group of second graders gathering to throw rocks at some kid they decided they didn’t like.

So assholes, try to tighten up your sphincters and become fecally continent already. There are effective treatments for encopresis in general. The first step is always to stop being so full of shit.

Shut up with the shut upping.


Shut up shuttin’ up.

Shut up DTard

Nope. I won’t. At least not until “condescending know it all holier than though fuckwit with no actual life experience upon which to base his twaddle on” becomes some kind of protected class.

I strongly disapprove the typo on the title. Don’t insult us with poorly written OPs, we are better than that. :mad:

Can I say shaddup?

Not all of us

While I’m guilty of taking part in this behavior on occasion I respect what the OP contributes to this board and really, he is right. I think it’s pretty asinine for a board that supposedly fights ignorance, to single out one member as a pariah to be ignored when he at least seems to earnestly make arguments, and give his opinions, only to be met with “shut up”.

If we are as smart as we think we are we should be able to have reasoned debate with someone whom we disagree with, without resorting to such a juvenile tactic. For my own part, I’ll try and be better about that in the future.

On the other hand, continuing it is like bullying the handicapped. This site needs all the opinions it can get. People love to hate him. Yall will miss him when he is gone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay. You can just schtupp up. :slight_smile:

Thank you pool.

I agree. The “tard” suffix is horrible under any circumstances: even if you hate this poster, it perpetuates the idea that mentally disabled people are deserving of contempt.

And he’s not that bad. He can be smug, but this board has open, avowed scientific racists who have their arguments treated with more dignity and respect. People pick on him now because they think it’s funny.

First thing I thought of.

That’s not why I picked on him today, though. He’s an idiot who gave his worthless, uninformed opinion where it’s not been asked for or needed. He really should, sometimes, just shut the fuck up, and I have no problem telling him so.

I don’t fuck with “BigTard”, though, that’s just dumb trolling.

I didn’t know what Dibble meant so I checked it out: a tool that makes holes.
I’m sure somebody could make some dumb trolling from that :wink:

As long as it’s cleverer than the by-now totally yawnworthy “Dribble”

No. People go after him now because

A) He’s ubiquitous. You can’t open a thread on any sort of current events or trends without a HUGE fucking post from him. Often several. At least the scientific racist fucks limit their posting.

B) He’s more self-centered than a gyroscope. He doesn’t care about any given issue, only how that issue affects him, personally.

C) He’s a fucking crazy-ass psycho who thinks that morality is defined by how HE defines it. Doxxing people is WRONG…unless he thinks it’s justified in a specific case. In which case it’s just fine.

D) He’s a basement dwelling shut-in. He doesn’t HAVE interactions with real life, so his advice/opinions are as useful as a person who’s never seen any body of water larger than a bathtub (but read a “The Happy Little Elves Go Scuba Diving” book once) trying to scream instructions into the radios of a squad of Navy Seals.

Sorry for the yawns but it’s just easier to accept the spell suggestion. Also, it suits you.

BigT doesn’t deserve a “shut up.” That’s not emphatic enough. What he really needs is a good “Shut the fuck up!” so I give him one.

You haven’t added my name to your dictionary yet? Dude, I thought we had something…

Only when I don’t shake off.