I pit people who defend jerks.

Yeah, I’ve already wasted all my energy, so all you’re going to get is a tepid, lukewarm post here. Could be moved to MPSIMS if people don’t start insulting me.

Just please poster, knock it off. It someone is being a jerk, you don’t have to jump on them, but don’t agree with them.

It really just makes you seem like a bigger jerk than they are. I sometimes suspect it’s trolling.

I also pit myself for never thinking to pit the people when they do this, and instead writing a post in the actual thread and trying to take down the anger to forum-appropriate levels.

Hope I don’t wind up banned, since apparently I’m not that good at the above.

I might be persuaded to subscribe to your newsletter, but firstly, could you clarify what the fuck you are on about?

Thanks ever so much.


You know what I hate even more? People who make passive-aggressive swipes at people they disagree with instead of actually flat out saying their beef.

Oooh oooh, or those same passive-aggressive wieners who start pit threads that passive-aggressively “call out” those people they’re mad at instead of actually flat out saying their beef.

Unfortunately zweisamkeit, your link makes even less sense than the tirade offered in the OP. Not your fault of course, sometimes these things just happen. :smiley:
Oh well, guess I’ll just have to sit here all night until the penny drops or summat.

Why would you pit people like that? You defend jerks all the time, you simpering twerp.

I don’t. At all. I always call out jerks, But I only call out the jerk that hasn’t been called out yet. And then, only if that person is actually a jerk, and not just someone who’s acting a little weird. Usually, when I defend someone, it’s because the people attacking him are, in my opinion, being worse jerks. The person who’s already been called out doesn’t need me piling on.

And this isn’t passive aggressive. There’s too many people to name, and I don’t have a specific person in mind for the general message. But the thought that inspired this was a thread where someone called someone with an anxiety disorder a 13 year old girl, and people acting like that was acceptable, or the kick in the pants he needed. Fuck that, and every other post like that.

I intentionally don’t try to remember people’s names when they piss me off so I don’t hold grudges. So if you want names, look it up yourself. Or don’t. I’m just using this as a place to rant. I really don’t care whether you know what I’m talking about or not.

ETA: And thanks for insulting me so this can stay in the pit. It really is weak.

I’m here to defend the OP.

Of course it’s passive aggressive. It’s what you do.

Guilty as ambiguously implied. Well, I’ve gone against pile-ons on occasion just because the target seemed to have a valid point in an otherwise wholly wrongheaded position. I beileve not enough people are willing to lay aside their own moral code/baggage to play devil’s advocate and at least try to understand why cuntwaffles think/act the way they do. Actually I just wanted to say cuntwaffle. Once said understanding is displayed, then I’m good with burning witches.

I hate those guys

You’re not enjoying the boards lately, are you? You’ve seemed very distressed by board conduct recently.

You’re all dicks.

I see what you did there.

They are his life :(. That would get anybody down.

Not everyone thinks the same people or the same posts are jerkish. The only real arbitrator of what’s good and what’s jerkish here is Ed Zotti, and people don’t agree with him, either. Not everyone thinks the same things are a big deal, either. If it’s a windmill you want to tilt at, go ahead; just don’t expect everyone to have the same windmills.

OP, you’re not very good at this whole Pit thing, are you? Maybe you should take a little break from Pit threads and work on your form a little bit. Here’s a pro tip: If you feel the need to mention in your OP that your thread is weak, lame, tepid, or lukewarm, or if you feel the need to “pit yourself” for being stupid or lame, you should probably just not post it.

I’m going to have to go ahead and defend this jerk. snoopygal is right you are all dicks.

The OP seems a little down. Maybe a nice revigorting ice cream enema is in order?

BigT, a word of advice from someone who’s been there. You can’t change what the Pit is. You can’t change what the Dope is. Sometimes the harsh demeanor and periodic rudeness can be really bad for people with psychological issues… we tend to overreact. I have and did and occasionally still do. But the thing is, the Dope is not responsible for how we feel. If you find yourself getting too hurt and emotionally invested in some drama unfolding, chances are this is an indication that you need some time away or perhaps in need of a paradigm shift before this is going to be a healthy pursuit for you. I have left the boards periodically for periods of 3+ months because sometimes it’s just not the best time. Others have left forever.

I’m one of those people who thinks love/compassion/sympathy/friendliness is always a good thing, so I was a little shaken up by some of the less kind interactions on this board when I first arrived. It may help you to understand that when people are mean on the internet it’s not generally the same thing as if someone walked up to you and called you an asshole to your face. It’s a different culture. It’s not meant in the same way. Chances are the vast majority of the people in the Pit are having a blast flaming each other, with no real hard feelings. It’s more like sibling rivalry than genuine jerkitude.

As for MPSIMS, Malacandra will be the first one to tell you that he can dish it out just as well as he can take it. People who have been around a while know that everyone in the world might not agree with them when they request advice or sympathy. This is really not a bad thing. It’s like having an enormous sounding board, kinda like in* Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?* where you ask the audience what they think and the majority opinion tends to be the right one. If you think the answer is A and 80% of respondents think the answer is C, there’s no reason to take it personally, just select C and collect your million.

The Dope is not going to change. You aren’t ever going to convince a single person on this board to behave differently. Either accept it and learn to deal with it, or accept that this isn’t the healthiest place for you right now. But for the love of God stop making such a big deal about it. It’s only going to make the situation worse for you.

I hate people that do that thing I hate.

Look again.