Scylla, sit down and write something, dammit!

Every once in a while, I sit down to read two of my favorite posts ever: Goat Porn and The horror of blimps. Scylla, you’ve got the gift, and we demand that you regale us with more of your tales! It’s been way too long!

I second the motion.

I have a copy of the British ballooning magazine that asked for and recieved permission to print “The Horror of Blimps”

What’s wrong with this? He posted it two days ago.

Oh, how did I possibly miss that? Great story. It didn’t trigger the nonstop guffawing that Goat Porn and Blimps did, but a good story nonetheless.

Thanks, Scylla!

I love that blimp story. Whenever I read it I hurt myself laughing even though I know whats coming. In fact it’s worse that I know whats coming because I start to laugh long before I get there and I have stop and take deep breaths so I can even get to the funniest parts.