SD Depression support

Forgive me if this is the incorrect forum to post this in. A few months ago someone mentioned to me about a doper’s online support forum for depression. At the time I was doing pretty well and didn’t think I was in any particular need. Now I’m not doing so well any longer, and I am in need. Can someone point me the right direction? Thank you.

That may well have been me, and the website is a Yahoo! group called Cecil’s Place. Here’s the link:

Just one quick head’s up – we haven’t had any posts since November. I hope that means everyone’s doing all right.


Remember, you can always post here, too. We don’t jump on everyone. Many people here may have shared the same (or similar) experience.

But, definitely check out CJ’s place.

Thanks. Just signed on. I’ve been well for a very long time, but this morning I woke up and thought about dying. I need help.

We all go through various cycles in our lives. In my view, anyone who seeks help for depression is already fairly healthy emotionally.

Depression is nothing to take lightly, though.

Are you male or female? I seem to remember you saying you were a girl, but I may have you mixed up with someone else in my amazingly congested mind. My apologies if that bugs you.

The reason I ask is that sometimes it hepls to talk in real time (like chat) to someone who understands the problems unique to each sex. Of course, there are also problems that transcend gender.

Male as the day is long. And yes, I think that talking out problems helps quite a bit, but I’ve become sort-of retreat-y, staying locked up in my appartment.

Staying locked up (either physically or otherwise) is a very good way to fall very far very fast, unless you are the sort who does best alone. YMMV.

Sorry about the mix up. My fault.

I really suck at real time chat (as my good friend Aslan can tell you), but if it helps to talk some here, go for it. And make your ICQ or AOL Chat stuff visible in your profile so some good chatters can contact you when they all show up. Just give it some time, they’ll be here.

Just wanted to pop in and show my support. Depression is not an easy thing to deal with, I’ve been doing it for years. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it.

The good news is that you are here, asking for help. Which is very hard to do when the world is pressing down on you.

The best piece of advice I can give goes something like this, “Sometimes if you are going to be depressed, just go for it. Be as depressed as you can, Call off work for a few days, stay in bed, cry, and wallow in your worthlessness. Get it out of your system and go on with your life.”

The only problem with that advice is that sometimes it’s VERY hard to pick back up again. I sometimes do just as you suggest, and disappear for a while to “wallow in my worthlessness”, but the longer I stay out of it, the longer it takes me to drag myself back. Luckily I have supportive friends and family who come kick my ass if I mope for too long.

I’m trying to do everything right… But I’m not certain I have the strength, to be honest. Doctor’s appointment tommorow, and beyond that… Keeping a log of what’s been going on. Dunno past that. Doing anything feels like moving through molasses right now.