SDI, Like Frankenstein's Monster, Lives Again!
Geez – didn’t we fight this battle already? All the “successes” the program claims always seemed to be set-ups. There are serious questions about its reliability, about whether it will work at all.
And the cost! With two major military actions going on simultaneously, not to mention Bush’s huge tax cuts, do we really need to spend several billion dollars on this?

Research is a good idea. Deployment may need towait a minute though.

His Lordship is going to do whateverthehell His Lordship wants to do. He will hammer at it, and push it, and do anything he can get away with, for any reason or no reason, other than that His Lordship Wants It.

…and if His Lordship Wants It, then whether or not it’s feasible or not is hardly any obstacle at all.

Not at all! If we’ve decided to make a long term commitment to this system, we need to throw as much money as possible at it now. Serious money breeds support for a program like nothing else can. If we can get enough people vested in the program before reports start leaking in on what a boondoggle it is, they’ll defend the program with arguments about the adverse economic impact of shutting it down. What senator can resist throwing good money after bad when it rebounds to the benefits of his constituents?

How the hell do the justify a crapfest like this after cancelling the Comanche program which, though it would produce unneeded helicopters, would actually produce something that WORKED.

They would be better off bringing back the SSC, IMO.

What’rya talking about? I use SDI all the time, and it works great!