SDMB Book Club: Things Fall Apart (join in!)

I’m about to re-read Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe and I think it would make it more fun if I read it with other people, so we could discuss it. The novel is set in Africa, and it’s about “Nigerian tribal life before and after the coming of colonialism.” I read it 20 years ago for a class and really thought it was a great book, but don’t remember much of it so I’m going to re-read it.

So is anyone out there interested in joining me? It’s available for the Kindle as well. I don’t need to start reading it right this very minute. I’m fine with waiting a couple of weeks to get people together.

Perhaps the middle of the night isn’t the bestest time to start a new thread…

I read it 30 years ago and thought it was great. I’m afraid I have 10,000 books ahead of it right now, but I’m bumping this because it’s a book that should be read.