SDMB Book Swap, New, Revised, and Improved!

Last March we had a “book swap” on the SDMB.

Let’s do it again.

Here’s the basic premise: You send me your address and a little information about your reading tastes. I match you with someone who seems a good reading match. You send a book which you’ve particularly enjoyed to that person.

That’s it.

This time, I’m going to set this up as a one-to-one exchange. Whomever you send a book to will be the person who will be sending you a book. I am hoping that this will faciliate more dialogue between the two of you about the books you’re reading.

If you are interested, please read the following guidelines:

*This is probably most enjoyable for someone whose reading interests aren’t narrow. If you’re the kind of person who only likes to read marxist science fiction involving other planets written by Scorpios or Libras who live south of the equator, you are (a) unlikely to get a book you’ll enjoy and (b) damn likely to drive me crazy trying to find you an acceptable match.

*I’ll do the best I can, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll have the right number of people to do ideal matches for everyone.

*Remember, it can be nice to read outside your usual genre! But if you know you loathe some type of book, do let me know. I had a lot of people who said “ABSOLUTELY NO ROMANCE!” last year. It got to be funny. Heh.

*Books need not be new. You can send a copy you’ve read. Don’t send your most precious only copy, however, because I can’t guarantee you’ll get the book back. Perhaps buy a swappable copy on or Amazon’s used books.

*Media Mail is a fairly inexpensive way to mail books in the U.S.

*If there is someone with whom you’ve already exchanged books (via the previous book swap or on your own) and you’d like to do this with someone new and different, please let me know whom you have already been hooked up with.

*If for any reason it turns out you can’t participate, there’s no shame in that but please oh please let me know! I can easily make a different match for your person, but I have to know. Let’s not leave anyone hanging.

*I’ll accept international participants. I’ll match you with someone in your country, or with someone who doesn’t mind the extra postage.

*You might get a book you’ve already read. Bummer, but you’ve got a jump start on talking about it with your sendee! Don’t be too upset.

*Sign-up Deadline is Friday, March 28th (that’s right, ONE WEEK AWAY!). I’ll try to get the matches out by April 4th. Please mail your books to your swappee by April 18th.


If you are interested and agree to these loose guidelines…

Send me your SDMB username, mailing address.
Include a little information about what you like to read, or are interested in. This info is helpful for me, and it might also be helpful for your partner, who might be trying to decide between several books to send.
Tell me if you’d be up for mailing something outside of your home country (remember, that means you’ll score a cool “foreign” book and maybe some nifty stamps).

I get so much spam and other crap mail at my SDMB-linked address, I’m worried about losing messages. So use THIS address:

Send me a message by March 28th!

E-mail sent - had a good time with the last swap!

Thanks for organizing this, Cranky!!! Email to follow.

Thanks extended herewith, email is on its way …

Wooo! Book swap! This time with 100% less screwing up from me. (Still sorry about that, bibliocat.) Dropping an email to the address to provided.

Book swap. Yay!

Whoohooo! I’m in! My email is sent.
Looking foward to it! :slight_smile:

Count me in, email on its way.

Can I suggest like a Book Report thread, so we can tell everyone what we got and what we thought of it? I always like to see what other people are reading. Though this may already be done, I wasn’t here last time.

Woohoo! Let the Book Swapping begin.

checks email for response

checks email again

I’m in, again. I swear I do this just so I can browse through used book stores. Not that I really need an excuse…

Count me in! Need to offload some cra … would enjoy an equal exchange of worthy literature :wink:

Great idea! I’m in. Now if only somebody wants to send their book to Germany…

sends e-mail

nailbiting ensues

Hey! sometimes cr – is what the doctor ordered.

I’m in – email on the way.

You’re the best, Cranky, thanks for organizing this!

Okay, I’m in.

E-mail on the way.

I’m in.

Oh, me too, me too!

Email incoming!

sixpackmomma? Bwahahaha!

Damnit, you’re gonna beat me up now aren’t you?

i send you an important email regarding well built, mostly naked guys in your area, and you say you get spam and crap email!!! hhhmmmm.

i’m in. would i be able to add an elephant or two? it is clear out time in the chair house.

I’m in Cranky. I have a weird e-mail addy so don’t be surprised. I’ll put SDMB Book Swap in the subj.

WooooooHoooo! I’m IN!