SDMB changed my life!

…or my mind, at any rate. Usually somewhere in a Great Debate, someone will say, “well, nobody’s ever changed their mind anyway, so it doesn’t matter.” I think people do change their mind; I have. From reading this board, I’ve gone from being tenatively pro-gun control to more solidly pro-gun rights. And I’m about as liberal as they come. All the posters on the gun-control thread had good points, but I was ultimately swayed. I still need to do some research and thinking on the subject, but my position was changed.

As another example: The first time bantmof posted to a thread I thought he was a twit (sorry, dude) becuase he asked a question that I considered sufficiently asked and answered previously. Then I ran across some more of his posts, and my opinion went from “twit” to “not so bad” to “pretty darn smart after all”.

So how has your mind been changed here?

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

So I can keep trying, Gaudy? :smiley:

Y’know, even if you got God to give me a personal lightshow, I’ve been pretty well convinced by the Jews on this board re the whole Jesus-messiah thing. Not to mention, unless He’s more specific than “I AM THAT I AM” I’m going to have to figure out which God/conception of God He is. Zeus? Mithras? Allah? the LDS version of God? ARG’s version of God???

Wouldn’t it suck if you convinced me of the existence of God–and I became a Dionysian? (Now that has possibilities. You worship by drinking and dancing (and orgies!). I can dig it. I’d have no problem faithfully attending the Holy Dance Club.)

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

This SDMB and the links presented have totally prompted me to take an honest look at my religious beliefs! To wit:

Creation vs Evolution: I’ve totally dismissed creationism and am no longer convinced evolution is “just a theory” (not the way creationists mean)

Infallibility of the Bible: One thread led me to a link full of contradictions. Simply incredible.

Bible taken literally: We should believe in the seven days’ account because we don’t have the entire fossil record… but call it poetry when it mentions the sun going around the earth? Just pick and choose, huh?

Jesus as the Messiah: like the previous posting, our Jewish friends make quite a case against it. He didn’t fulfill all the prophesies, and the “second coming to fulfill the rest” sounds like a last-minute cop-out.

Now people may think my faith is weak for being swayed by these mere mortals. But all these beg the question: If God is so omnipotent, influences everything, and watches over every one of us, wouldn’t God take better care of his message? Wouldn’t God make sure the words were translated properly from Aramaic to Hebrew to Greek to English, since the Bible is so important in following God?

“It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in an argument” - William McAdoo

This is truly interesting. When I first found my way here I dived into a lot of threads. Great Debates weren’t segregated from GQ at that point. Well, I slogged my way through a few gun control, religion, etc…debates and wound up feeling like nobody ever changes anyone’s mind and we just have the same old argument over and over again. I have, as result, not frequented that venue much of late.

I might need to go take another look.

ExTank! It’s not all pointless, perhaps?